Found 14th May 2009
They are like small plastic balls and when you roll them they open up into characters.

I think they are one of those little toys that kids collect and battle with in the playground

Think you can buy them in packs of 3

Can anyone help?

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yeah bakugan - theyre magnetic and as they roll over the cards (which some are metal) they pop open - really cool!! my friends son adores these

BAKUGAN, my son has loads of these. They cost a fortune too!

yip my son too you can get them in packs of 1, 3 and a super set of 10 i think, also the battle mat and special holders for them too and yip an absolute fortune!!
only to be told the next week hes now collecting gogos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

tesco had them on sale in north shields - not exactly cheap but cheaper than usual - think they also had them at reduced price in asda last week sometime - but in general a 3 pack with 3 metal cards cost around £10 - which to me is a bit expensive!

Original Poster

Thanks all

Saw them in Argos yesterday for £5.97 or something (3 pack) and y 4yo son suddenly went mad saying all his friends have them but I was in such a rush and had already queued up to pay.

By the sounds of it I should have bought them there :thumbsup:
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