What are those things called that removes hair from clothes?

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Found 22nd Feb 2009
Hi, im looking for those brush things which takes off those little hairs on clothes, what are they called? Also if their is a better alternative i would like to know that to. Thanks
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lint remover?
most supermarkets sell them
Defuzzer I think
sticky tape

sticky tape

roller thing
Lint remover or turned over parcel tape in my case.
£1.99 in morrison roller & 4 heads. dont know name lol
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yea after searching it's called lint remover, do you think this will work as well as i was planning on getting one:

ebay item number 130287231430
lidls have the brush think its 2.49 there really good
lint brush or a clothes brush you can get one cheap off ikea and refills
hair remover
It's usually called a lint roller & you can usually buy them in poundshops if you have one nearby.
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Will the JBL bobble off work?
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