What are you all seeing?

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Found 2nd Sep 2009
What are you seeing/have you seen today?

Alot of Orange 241 codes being requested so just wondering what you're all gonna see - Im gonna watch The Final Destination 3D


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I'm seeing nothing, but I would like to see Inglorious besterds, failing … I'm seeing nothing, but I would like to see Inglorious besterds, failing that, the kiddie guinea pig film, oh yeh and Ice Age 3

Inglorious Basterds does look good - not so much G-Force and well Ice Age 3 looks - okish

inglorious basterds is mainly subtitled but tit was still pretty good some funny bits and some gorey bits

oh i downloaded that drag me to hell, dont ever watch it. the worst film i have ever seen, rubbish cheap nasty crap

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i love the final destination films.


I could have told you that before you downloaded it, why did you?:w00t:

my mum always called me special, now i know why

Was gonna go see funny people but will leave it till friday

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Funny People looks shocking - but to each his own!

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The Final Destination was good - Made better by the 3-D
However it was not as good as Final Destination 3.
But Yet Again With Final Destination Films, Its Worth A Look If You Like Gore - Just Spend The Extra Few Quid For 3-D.
I Wont Spoil It - But Some Deaths Look Better In 3-D!!
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