What are you buying you buying family members for Christmas?

Posted 29th Nov 2022
Literally can’t afford it this year.. want to get my dad something but not sure what, got him some nice Pumas I found on here for his birthday but I can’t afford much else..
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    speaking as a dad, we don't expect anything, my kids asked what would you really like and (not joking) said I'd like a really large tea mug for working from home
    Dad's don't expect anything, just a bit of thought now & then
    Couldn't agree more , have this discussion every year with my kids I don't want expensive aftershaves etc that are still not used years later rather have a box of ferrero rocher any day and a thankyou for the hours of free DIY , it's all we need. (edited)
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    It's nice you have a dad that is still alive. I am sure whatever you get him or don't get him he will be absolutely fine.

    Maybe just donate a few more hours with him this year. As you get older that is all you need.
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    Get some nice Reeboks this time
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    An iou for a Sunday dinner or a pub meal out
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    Get him a lifetime subscription to HUKD.
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    We did a secret Santa in the family to help save some money. 8 of us in total. Usually we'd have bought the other 7 people a present of say £10-15 each. With secret Santa we pick one person and spend £30. You save money and the budget is good enough for a decent present for each person 🏻
    We tried that too - sadly some idiot bought a hair care/beauty kit for one of our bald relatives, another £20 of scratch cards and a few others either spent too little or too much above the £20 limit we decided on. So these past few years we have not bothered with the adults and just focus on the kids. We try to limit the gifts to around the £20 mark, still its over £500 spent by us on relatives though. Then we have still to buy our own kids and then Santa has to ensure they get stuff as well without duplicating anything!
    This year the lids are getting a lot of digital content from us (Xbox & PS4 games) and Santa is going to get the physical stuff along with the stocking filler favourites! (edited)
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    I don't believe in the commercialisation of a religious festival.
    Scroll past and don’t comment then?
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    Nothing - we decided we are all too old to give & receive. Obviously that's just for the over 18s in our family.
    The kids, our kids are getting a lot of digital content this year from us (over £1200!). Other kids in the family will be treated to £20 cash and a small token item (sweets, toiletries, socks) as it's just too difficult to ensure they get something unique as well as something they want!
    The Santa list is still in effect as well and will be in addition to what we get them!
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    Oldest son Xbox ,starwars Lego
    Youngest son fire tablet batman toy, Playmobil set
    Nephew personalised pjs dressing gown vtech rescue centre
    Brother perfume novelty item
    Mum personalised jewelry box from gran kids
    Staying with a friend over Xmas so got her slippers facemask bubblebath set diary jacket
    For her son and my youngest there same age got them both matching avenger pjs Spiderman fleece throws him also Spiderman toy
    Then got all the kids stockings I personalized with there names went to the pound shop got chocolate coins candycanes and few other fillers
    They all got a maxx build more set I got Jenga and twister for everyone to play over Xmas
    Neighbour bottle of rum
    My boys also have advent calenders a Lego a Playmobil one
    I saved money each month to put towards Xmas we are spending it at my friends so I'll be getting wine and snacks I'll also give her some money towards food I got balloons and a few other decorations to put up while kids sleeping we are both single mums so decided to spend it together this year
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    I've really scrimped throughout the last few months last year we didn't have much of a Xmas was movie day and played some games I'm sure he will appreciate anything for anyone with kids see what's going on around them I managed to get discounted panto tickets £5 each and there's a Grinch grotto near me that's free so should be fun
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    What else is there to get for your Dad other than Socks, and Alcohol?!

    Getting them a Groupon gift is usually my go-to. They are at an age where they like to have Afternoon Teas, so I find a nice hotel or pub local to them, and they can enjoy the day together.

    Piglet Pantry is pretty good too, if they like food.
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    Some socks to wear with his new trainers?
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    Doing my mum's garden up for her birthday/christmas. She is too old to do it herself but loves the view out from her kitchen window. We are making it as accessible for her as possible, and giving as much interest plant wise without maintenance. Considerable amount of labour involved but it will be worth it when done
    You can't do your duties as a child and call them presents
    Did they used to make you breakfast as your birthday present?
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    A good few years ago, all of the adults in our family said we would stop buying each other presents as the value we always gave each other was the same and now there is less stress trying to find something.
    The kids however (under 18 years) well they get probably more spent on them because of this.
    We also don't send Christmas cards anymore, another waste of money if you ask me.
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