What are you listening too? Looking for some new Music on the Mp3

    Probably a thread thats been done before (many times), but looking to discover some new bands

    So whats the Hot music around here?


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    yer thats a good tune, thats what im after
    is it your video?

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    i didn't know there was so many versions…wj0

    The Herbaliser... nice


    yer thats a good tune, thats what im afteris it your video?

    nope, I was just looking for that song, as it is very good young sir.

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    looked up their myspace (The Herbaliser), loving those tunes
    i'm really into ska and funk at the moment so right up my street
    keep em coming

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    A few of my current favorites if you wanna look em up:

    The Beautiful Girls
    The Undercover Hippy

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    oh ok i thought it may have been a holiday video or something

    any more sugestions anyone?
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