What are you up to today?

    I am off to the Good Food Show in Birmingham- whey hey!!
    Its a good chance to munch my way through the day on all the free samples and to get oh so gently steamed on the freebies of the alcoholic variety!!! I LOVE this show! We go every year (me my Mom, daughter and usually my Sis- but she is too busy today- eh Deek43?!)
    The only downside is that my feet KILL by the end of the day-no matter how many tipples I have! Still............I think I can suffer it!!!
    Hope you all have a fabbo Fathers Day !(my kids prepped a meal and gave pressies to their dad last night cus my 18 yr old id revising today and my daughter will be out with me)


    working 8 - 4 at Waitrose :x then taking family to F&B for fathers day meal.... hubby will get main course FREE!:thumbsup:

    working 10- 4 :-(

    Working 11-5 :o(

    doing my coursework and i am going to revise all day. i only had a 6 hour sleep. just about. I have exams on tuesday a science and straoght after french speaking.

    going to my mother in laws for sunday dinner.

    well as its fathers im going to my dads for a lovely bbq cant wait

    It's my youngests Christening today. :-D

    I might have known you'd have to bring me into it! I promise I'll come to the christmas one - you now have it in writing! It's only because you don't want to be stuck with Mom all day - hahahhahah, sucker!

    Working 9.30 - 4.30 :x


    Sorting my paperwork, tidying the house and shopping.
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