What are you views on the Nokia 6301 please?

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Found 21st Apr 2009
These are given out as standard in our company but my boss is looking for a really good phone with decent battery life, user friendly, etc. Would you recommend this as the best phone for him?

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Not worth the extra money from a 6300 me thinks.

If he don't text too much he can get the Nokia 5800.


depends on what you want the phone for ? Having tried many over the years since mobile first arrived, I have found the nokia`s one of the most user friendly ( queue samsung/sony fanboys), As for batt life the more applications and the fancy gubbins it seems the worse it gets.. I will stick with my nokia 8600 luna..

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He basically uses his mobile all day every day and travels worldwide on a regular basis. He currently has a Sony Ericcson K610i but it's dying a death.

this is a slick phone. it has wifi enabling voip, and is way more classier than 6300.

its slightly thicker and comes with a super desktop stand.

get it

5800 has good battery life. The Nokia 6300 and 6301 (i've used both)- but I found it to be quite short.

6300 and 6301 is practically identical, it's not more 'classier'. Although the desktop stand is nicer. However I think you boss will get more attention if he had a Nokia 5800 rather than a 6301 - which means you will be on his good side.


and the web view and a site as recommended by a voda rep..gsmarena.com/nok…php
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