What Are Your Thoughts About This Video

    I think it's funny but wouldn't like it to happen to me!!!!



    I think people that play tricks on kids are sad and need to get a life!:x


    "now look at the camera and cry"


    why is the woman in the pink on the chair wearing such tight clothes when she is soooooo fat?

    Poor kid!

    Poor kid

    I bet their was an Xbox but that fat cow probably ate it..!!

    and people wonder why kids sometimes kill they parents!!!!!
    what a sad bunch of t**ts


    guys they gave him the xbox in the end... they tricked him cause he peeked......

    they let it go on for too long though... which was mean!

    Apart from the family needing a Hairdresser for Xmas :whistling:
    That was so totally nasty :x These people then wonder why their kids get into all sorts of S*** in later life.

    As for he got an Xbox afterwards - has anyone seen that video ?? No probably because there isn't one :cry:

    bwahaahaha alpha

    seen it years ago but it always makes me lol

    i can imagine saint doing that lol!

    i lol'd.

    That’s just cruel the kid will be traumatised for life

    I didn`t lol. That was just plain cruel. Even if he did get the xbox after I would never do that to any child.:x

    what an awful thing to do to a child at chrimbo, the look on his face was awful.:x
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