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What battery do I need mk4 golf 1.9 diesel , Bosch s3?

Posted 19th Nov 2014
1998 Mk 4 golf 1.9 TDI.(diesel )

need a new battery had to jump tart it a week ago and if I leave my car 24hours or more it has trouble starting 1st time just whirs. Also there's all white stuff all over the battery which doesn't look so good.

So wondering on which battery for the above model.
Euro car parts seem to have an Bosch s3. For around £65 getting halfords to fit it for £9.99. But with the Bosch s3 it says it is compatible for small cars, older engines. Says nothing about 1.9 diesel. Cant find anything too specific on google to help.

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Have a look at the battery and it should have a 3/4 digit number on it like 094 or the like. I bought one for my Focus from eurocarparts.com very cheap. Lots of local shops as well and very easy to do. Try this one
Diesel will need a bigger battery than a petrol equivalent due to higher cranking loads. I don't know if an S3 will do the job or not.

Fit the thing yourself and spend the tenner saved on a better battery. You know it makes sense
phone 2/3 places and see what battery they want to fit and the price, then pick a winner..let them fit it because if you get a problem a lot of them will duck responsibility by saying its ur fault for not fitting it properly or some such bullsh*t
have a look at halfords, one of the few decent products they sell are car batteries.

Plus they fit them and you get a 3 yr warranty
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I've got a Bosch 110 sized battery on mine, cost around £100 I think, I'd recommend you get the correctly rated one as diesels can require a lot of cranking amps when the weather turns cold. A tiny battery meant for a 1.4 would fit, but might not have the guts to get you going in the depths of winter, not a chance I want to take.
Fitting a car battery is so easy even my Nan could do it. Please don't pay anyone, it's only a couple of bolts then the battery contacts.
Just go on Halfords , Eurocarparts etc website - Select Battery- type your registration number (the model is known from this ) See which batterys (code numbers) are listed then if you like check around other sellers for a better price .
most golf 1.9 tdi are 096 batteries. buy this one of ebay its alot cheaper then euro car parts for the same model.

or bosch

the bosch s3 battery is fine if its the 096.

source. tayna.co.uk/Vol…tml
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