What bed/mattress

    I am looking for king size firm bed/mattress. I dont know where to start....

    I am 1.90m and 105kg, I am looking for something firm/hard not sure, willing to invest in a good nights sleep.

    Please give me some recommendations


    How about a premier inn bed?

    If you want something to last and be comfy for more than a few nights, have a look at a reputable company with a bricks and mortar presence on the High street.

    I would say premier inn bed. The cheap one I can think of is called Cambridgeshire or something like that. It's a small company but mattress is cheap and comfortable.

    Go for a pocket sprung with at least 1200 coils and a memory foam top

    Premier inn are Hypnos mattresses with a shorter guarantee. If you want the longer guarantee then maybe this one…tml (about £575 with discount in king size). Don't be tempted by marketing gimmicks like memory or latex or even toppers (you can always add a topper to a good quality basic mattress and you can turn and rotate it to get the maximum life from it also).
    Ps.Be careful with coil count.....once you go past 1200 coils on a kingsize the wire can become very thin (guage) and this leads to sag. Some companies even stack springs to increase to coil count which is even worse.

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    Buy whichever one you find comfortable. Buying a mattress unseen is just a lottery - high quality construction and comfortable for someone else doesn't mean it'll give you a good night's sleep.

    I've just bought a super king Silentnight 7 zone memory foam mattress. I'm 1.86m and 107kg. I had one because I had the same mattress 5 years ago and it's been great.

    Don't skimp on your bed or shoes, you spend a lot of time in them.

    definately hypnos , only just replacing ours after 23 years , got a good deal in furniture village 2 weekends ago 20% off, highly recommend , you really do get what you pay for
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