what best value overall wileyfox swift 2 £119ish swift 2 plus £149ish or moto g4 plus £185ish

Found 1st Dec 2016
Like the idea of the swift 2 for value at £199 ish then thinking for an extra £30 the plus model gives extra 1 GB ram 16 GB storage better camera etc then started comparing this with the Moto g 4 plus which again goes up by about £35 so quite a bit more than the original price ...

An ideas on real life usage or which is best overall value
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Can't speak for the Motorola but..

Well i think all the Wiley Fox phones have expandable storage, so the 16gb is definitely a benefit (especially if you use a lot of apps) but not the be all, the RAm is great if you have a lot of tabs on your browser and multi task alot (and generally just helps the phone run a little better). The camera on its own in IMO if you use it often is a no brainer on its own for £30 , IF you use it regularly, or its your only camera.

TL;DR real life usage is completely up to the individual, if you use it a lot £30 is nothing.
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The extra £30 for the Swift 2 Plus gets you 1GB extra RAM, 16GB extra storage, 16Mpx camera (vs 13M), and a case.

On the regular Swift 2, you probably need to expand the storage with an SD card, especially if you're taking lots of photos. That means extra cost for the SD card and you can't add a second SIM. The Plus has enough storage free that you may never need an SD card.
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Thanks r u owners ?
I am an owner of Moto G4 Plus. Wife has original Swift.

Both are very good phones for their respective price point.

The Swift 2 gets good reviews.

Personally I prefer my G4, but my wife is perfectly happy with hers.

If you look at the G4 I would recommend you consider the G4 Plus. It is worth the difference for the better camera and Turbo charger, which is very fast. Not that you will need to use it often. It is seriously by far the best lasting phone for power consumption. I rarely have to recharge in the day, and I am a medium to heavy user. I just charge each night.

If you need dual sim, you can get this option in white, but it will take 2 sim cards and an sd card.

I don't know how it will last, but it is the best phone I have had so far, and knocks spots off the LG G3 I had previously.
The Swift has NFC so I'd say is more futureproofed and is the only phone at that price point with those kinda specs (fingerprint scanner, expandable storage, generous RAM, band 20) that I could find.

Didn't purchase as my phone strangely started working again but that'd be my choice from specs
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