What Blu Ray for under £100?

    I use my xbox to play my DVD's at the moment but it's playing up, and is noisy which ruins the atmosphere!!!

    Gonna get a cheap Blu Ray player (Needs to be able to upscale DVD's though for when i get round to getting a 1080p TV)... what would you reccomend?

    What cables will I need? Just a HDMi?



    most players would do the job. if you want to future proof, then get one with wireless for BD-Live and for updates.

    You'll need an HDMI cable if you've got an HD tv, if not just buy a cheap DVD player.

    For under £100, I'd go for this:…htm

    It plays .avi and .mkv files out of the box (using a USB stick / hard-drive) and loads discs faster than my other player (a Sony).

    Are you going to be buying Blu Ray's or just watching dvd's? if its the later then an upscaleing dvd player/surround sound system should suffice. If its a Blu Ray player that is definately required then you will probably have to go along way to beat this ]one for price! hope this helps :thumbsup:

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    Thanks guys, well my TV is just a cheap 32"! It's 720p and 1080i so I guess it can still benefit from Blu Rays yea?

    I'll be buying Blu Rays, and also use love film so will just stop renting DVD's and go for Blu Rays instead.

    Yea there's a HDMI connection on my TV

    dont fall into the trap of buying expensive hdmi cables cheap ones are just as good

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    The BD-1600 is the one i like the most although the one scotty reccomended is available for just £60 on Hmm decisions.

    Oh.... refurbished. Damn Play for tricking me!

    Original Poster…b=0

    Doesn't look as nice as the samsung though

    wrcallar;8857481't look as nice as the samsung though

    already posted cheaper in my earlier post :thumbsup:

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    Yea it said it was £60 though then i clicked it n it went up! £60 is for a refurbished one!
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