What cable do I need to connect Wii to Monitor?


Was wonder if anyone could tell me what kind of cable i Need to connect a wii to a monitor?

my monitor has a dvi and vga socket.

any links to a company selling this would be great and must appreciated !

Thanks in advance


A Wii wasn't really designed with this in mind I'm afraid. If you purchase a Wii component cable, I am not sure if you can buy a converter to change component to VGA. Your Wii would have to be set to progressive scan mode (480p) for this to work though.

I have a cable right here which has component at one end and VGA at the other, but the problem is that the Wii has a proprietary connector.

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Yeah i used to have a samsung tv monitor and recently got a dell monitor,

stupidly, i just assumed the monitor would have a scart socket - duh !

would something] like this

or something] like this ]

Yes, either of those cables should work. If you get the first one you also have to factor in the cost of the original Wii component cable.
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