what cable do i need to make my laptop downloads quicker?

    Hi after a lot of help last night on here i managed to move my itunes to my new netbook and its working so thanks to everyone who helped.
    My problem now is there are lots of updates to ipod touch games needed and as its a netbook and our wifi isnt good its taking absolutely ages.
    I presume it will be quicker to use a cable but what sort do i use and where does it go. I presume i use one of the usb slots on the netbook but what does the other end do...does it go into the back of the router. Sorry bit confused and dont want to go wrong as it has taken me so long to get this far. One worry is the router is connected to my old PC and into the BT line. The old PC has the old itunes on it and i dont want to now get muddled up with that so hoping i can connect without using the old PC which is being taken a way in a few days.
    I must sound crazy this will be so obvious i know.


    Not an expert but would connect by an ethernet cable from your laptop to your router.

    that is how my desktop is connected .

    Can you give me a link to your details about transferring ITunes. I will need to do that soon.

    Good Luck

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    Hi hopefully its working i have connected a simple nano ipod to the new netbook and that seems to work. Scared to death of connecting my sons touch though in case i loose anything.
    I am just about to get an iphone so as that is starting from scratch hopefully that will be OK
    The questions i asked were on this link…75/
    I also found you tube to be quite useful as there are lots of examples on there.
    Good luck
    I would make sure you have updated versions of itunes on both computers and like someone mentioned consolidate your library.
    Wow i sound like i know what i am talking about.
    Now to search round for an ethernet cable....i have so many in the house will be surprised if i dont have one.

    you should have a port to put an ethernet cable in like this…38/
    if not then you can use a usb to lead that plugs into your router if your router supports it one end will look like a normal usb cable the other should be almost square but tapered on both top corners although that may have changed from when i last used it…tml
    scroll down to nearly half the page if your netbook doesnt have ethernet then thats what you need hope that helps.

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    Oh nightstud thanks a lot pic really helped. My netbook does have an ethernet so even if i dont have one at the mo i am going to get one as once my old pc is no longer wired up i can see downloads being a pain.

    no worries (_;)
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