What cables would be best to use?

    i have a samsung LE26R74BDX HD LCD TV & have a pc with a nvidia geforce 7300le graphics card that supports dvi & vga out. i wanted to know what cable would be best to use. my tv supports vga, dvi, hdmi, s-video & composite. Can anyone please recommend the best choice of cable & best ones to buy that are not realy expensive? because i'm using a shitty 15" crt monitor at the mo :oops:

    Cheers if anyone can help me out. would much appreciate it. :thumbsup:


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    Check that Samsung has PC input over its HDMI connection (possible using dvi to hdmi cable) if so get that cable
    if not get a standard vga cable, ebuyer sell for about £2-£3

    Personally I would not recommend using the tv as a monitor due to it's low resolution. But as a stop gap until you can get a monitor it's ok i suppose.
    Plenty of 19" Widescreen monitor examples about right now at the £100-£130 mark

    Going on that your HDMI port is HDCP mode only, so will not accept a DVI signal.…vga
    One of those should fit what you need

    Also consider a 20"-22" Monitor since thats higher res too.

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    Going on that your HDMI port is HDCP mode only, so will not accept a DVI … Going on that your HDMI port is HDCP mode only, so will not accept a DVI signal. of those should fit what you needAlso consider a 20"-22" Monitor since thats higher res too.

    yea it says it has HDCP coding feature is my tv pretty crap then? & can i not have dvi to dvi? or does it mean i cant have dvi to hdmi?

    yea cheers for the link m8. :thumbsup: which cables should i get tho? theres loads on there. too many to decide from. :?

    No your tv is fine, I just hope you get a HDMI source on it otherwise it's kinda going to waste ;-)
    SkyHD/V+/DVD Player with HDMI upscaling/PC or Laptop with Graphics card with DVI-DHCP or HDMI output etc.

    You need to look at the back of your graphics card (likely female) and the back of your Samsung (likely also female but check) and order the right cable from that ebuyer link.

    more expensive cabling has better sheilding so will have a slightly better picture. is up to you to decide if you want your high res output to your £350(?) TV to be over a £3 cable...
    Left = female, right = male
    So that would be good for tv with male port and graphics card with female port...

    Well the graphics card looks typical female...

    Yep so female to female should do you fine.
    The gold should be ok

    vga cable is the generic term for the cable
    VGA/SVGA/XVGA are just different resolution standards…Vga

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    so would my tv support all those resolutions? im gona need male to male cable then? as my both my pc/tv ports are females? are belkin usually beta quality then since you recommended the link?

    It can probably support quite a few yes, but anything other than the native resolution on your Samsung (1368x768 or so) will look pretty awful.

    When you connect up your Samsung and tell your graphics card to auto detect the display and you enable "extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" when you choose it, it should auto detect that resolution setting.

    I recommend the belkin 3 meter or 5 meter gold female to female vga cable.

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    wouldnt i need male end cables as the ports on my tv & pc are female tho?

    Yes, oops, that's what I meant :oops:

    Do you need it to be 5meters? If you do get that one.
    Otherwise I suggest 3meters (…885) or less if you can set it up so.

    Any length of cable acts as an aerial whether it likes it or not, the better sheiled the less RF it picsk up of course, but the longer the cable the bigger the aerial, the more outside interfering RF it picks up, the more it'll interefere and degrade the signal going through it.

    Er, thats bull, sounds like he had a duff cable and was too stupid to RMA it back to his retailer.
    I use Belkin cables here on 2048x1526 resolutions but they are only 1.8m and are quite thick and work fine.

    3m should be fine.
    Just a side thought: You might want some audio cable too to hook up to your tv's audio input or a hifi you have with the audio. For when you want videos/dvds from your PC etc
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