What can I buy to go with an ipod 30GB?

Found 4th May 2007
My mother's getting one for her birthday on Sunday but I'm stuck for present ideas so is there anything I can buy to go with it?
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fm transmitter (griffin itrip is an example but there's loads)
there's a cheap speaker stand on the front deals page (personally I think these are worthless but she might like it)
a nice leather case
a car kit
there's also a selection of leads which go to varioud other appliances

these should all be easy enough to find at any store that sells ipods.
Excellent thanks for that - the car-kit might be something she'd go for, oh and the fm transmitter.
A plug is good, saves having to connect it to a computer to charge it (can also be plugged into speakers and charging at the same time!)
Music :P
The best purchase that I have ever made for my ipod is an ishield, it is a mega thin plastic coating that gets placed over the whole of the pod preventing it getting scratched etc. (got mine from ebay for about £16

Alternatively if you want something to give shock protection etc then an evo iskin is also a brilliant case for it, I had bought one of these initiallly, however after buying a dension incar kit for my pod, the pod wouldnt fit in the cradle with the iskin fitted.

Finally, an AV lead is very handy as it allows you to connect the ipod to the tv and let you watch the video content on a big TV - great for travelling.
Perhaps if your really stuck something as simple as an itunes voucher?
The FM Transmitte is a great idea. Maybe not an iTrip, but maybe one off eBay...

I bought mine from there for around a fiver. The reason I suggest that over the iTrip is that it'll plug into any headphone jack, not just the iPod.
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