What can I buy with Mobile phone credit?

Posted 19th Jun 2009
I have several SIM Cards with varying amounts of money on them - one has £20 on it.

Another is an O2 SIM Card which I need to top up with £10 every quarter to get £5 a month off my O2 Home ADSL Broadband.

I use ASDA Mobile as my main telephone so I have all this credit which I don't particularly want to use to call or SMS People as O2's rates for example is much more then ASDA's

So is there anything else I can buy using the credit on my PAYG Mobile phones?

I did get an O2 PAYG Mobile Broadband Dongle - would it be possible to transfer the credit from a regular O2 SIM to the SIM that goes with the dongle? I'd be much more likely to use O2 Mobile Broadband PAYG then PAYG to talk or SMS anyone.
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