What can i do?

    I live in a rented house and i'm experiencing damp through condensation on the windows.
    There is no venting in the windows or the brick work..

    The walls are going chalky and paint is flaking off the walls..

    The landlord says he will sort it out every time he comes for the rent then thats the last we see of him till the rents due.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    This is what we have in Manchester:-

    We want all Manchester residents to live in a home that's secure, warm and in good repair. . .

    We have legal powers to make your landlord tackle problems with the condition of your home - such as a poor repairs service, damp, fire risk, gas and electricity, health and safety, or inadequate kitchen or bathroom facilities.

    Report a problem with your accommodation online.

    Or contact your nearest Private Sector Housing local office. If you are not sure which one covers your area phone our enquiry line on 0845 6024852 (textphone 0161 438 0104).


    i had same sort of problem a few years ago ,i contacted the council who sent out a private contractor and they contacted the landlord and had a certain amount of time to sort it out

    Open a window?

    close the curtains, no see no problem

    Condensation isn't strictly speaking 'dampness' however. You will need to ensure the area has better ventilation and/or review the way the room is heated - portable gas heaters are bad for causing condensation.


    you need to open your windows good sitting and breathing in a room with no air getting in especially with the heating on as its been winter

    check your contract , what does it say about repairs? landlords have a responsibity to get things reapired within a certain timescale, you need to put it in writing seeing as talking isnt getting anything done
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