What can i do with these PC's

    Hi guys, i have 2 pc's setup in my living room, both good pc's too.
    Problem is, my main pc, all i use it for is bloody championship manager 01/02 and for looking on hotukdeals.
    I wish i could start to get more out of it.
    My pc's are
    Main pc: AMD X2 4200, 2GB Ram, 3 x 80GB SATA Drives, DVD RW, DVD, ATI X1300 256mb, Philips Voip 433 USB Phone, K-World 210 DVB-T.
    Second PC: AMD 64 3500, 512mb RAM, 1 x 80GB SATA, 1 x 20GB IDE, Haupaugge Nova-T Freeview card, DVD.

    As i say they are both respectable machines but the second pc doesnt even get turned on, and i dont want to sell it either.

    Any ideas as to what i can do with them or what sort of project i can start!?!?!


    Seems a bit overkill to have two in a living room mate no point!!! Especially if you dont really use even one of them! Daft to try and force use out of something innit, get rid of one.

    both machines, as you say are decent spec, though the top one more so (bottom could do with another 512mb ram)

    Have you thought about image editing? getting to grips with photoshop etc? 3D modelling? something along those lines?

    What about an H.T.P.C?

    HD-DVD and Blu Ray drives are getting more affordable now. Your quest could be to get it to run silently!

    How about upgrading the hard drive and adding a DVD recorder and use it to record TV on.
    I know of a few people who have doe this and it is quite a nice set-up.

    If you get stuck, you could put it next to the wall and it will magically become a freestanding shelf!
    You could then use it to put your favourite books on!


    i say get yourself one of those fancy new HDD for the "good" computer and put all the 80gb drives in the cr*p one. raid them and use as network storage/download machine. put it in a cellar and remote desktop onto it using your good computer.

    I have a super hot desktop tower at home next to my TV, hooked up to a wall mounted screen. I use that to record CCTV from 4 colour cameras. OK, I built the PC for that specific purpose, but if you had ever thought about rigging up a security camera, computers are great for recording them just for your own piece of mind.

    And actually , I have a rubbish old unusable computer which I stripped of its inner workings and the case is now being used as a table for the spices in our kitchen area whilst we try and get the house sorted lol

    Try getting openSUSE 10.3 installed on it and use the graphics a little more.

    Way better than vista, and more responsive.

    Wow rash, you got any more screenshots? Looks better than ubuntu, gonna mess with these OS one day. Damn Microsoft got us hook on XP.

    yeah move the tv card to the newer machine and put mediaportal on it, move the other machine out and use it as backup/storage server, that way u can record and watch diff channels at same time


    Wow rash, you got any more screenshots? Looks better than ubuntu, gonna … Wow rash, you got any more screenshots? Looks better than ubuntu, gonna mess with these OS one day. Damn Microsoft got us hook on XP.

    That screenshot is just a simple plain one, search google for 'compiz' or 'compiz-fusion'.

    I have both this and vista running on one of my laptops, Vista works quite well but no where near as good as this! Considering the amount of special effects this blows Vista completely out of the water.

    I'm using this on my own PC (for about 3 years now). And it is BRILL!
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