What can i do with used Jiffy Bags?

Found 26th May 2009
Just wondering i've aquired two boxfuls of empty used jiffy bags due to my need for entertainment and my waste management over the past year.

Is there any place to trade them in or get them disposed of in a less harmful way?
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freecycle them, ebay sellers will re-use them.
They make great sleeping bags for hamsters. Hope this helps:)
Wondered this too LeeJohn, i've got a massive bag off them seems such a waste throwing them. I do reuse some but I don't really sell a lot.
I wait until I've got loads and then put them on freecycle. There is always someone who wants them.
:whistling: [SIZE="4"]toilet paper![/SIZE]
Ive got a cubboard full of them too. I use them whenever I sell a dvd or something. They come in really handy.
Chuck it all over the lounge so it looks like a doss hole and win The Turner Prize.

p.s - remember to also include used tampon.
you could use them during the winter instead of gloves to keep your hands nice and warm
getting the biggest one u have then add a slightly smaller one inside it, repeat until no longer able to fit any more inside to create the russian equvilant of those little dolls with smaller ones inside!
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