What can i get my dad who has everything and will be 60 week before xmas

My dad just buys everything he needs and i hate buying things for the sake of it , that he doesnt really want, He will be 60 in 3 weeks time so i need xmas and birthday ideas, i have exhausted family pictures and i have done him a subscription for his fave mag, but need some more ideas, and from the kids as well. thankyou and ideas greatfully recieved


ride in an air balloon?

Does he drink??

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thats different, like it :thumbsup:

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Does he drink??


drunken balloon ride?

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Just looked balloon ride bit out of my price range, any thing else ?

Mobility scooter!

digital photo frame with photos of all the family on

day at the horse races including hospitality for just the two of you

fashion makeover

Photo shoot??

My father is about the same age. Wine always a hit, and the newspaper from the day of his birth is a great idea. You could get a really good/nice/sentemental book and write a nice message in the front. You could take him out for a yummy meal - or make him one. Make a cake?


An oldie but goodie :lol:

a flying lesson?

does he like football-most grounds have tours and some do a meal with a player (or ex-player) too?

For our dads 60th we paid for him to go and feed the lemars at Marwell park cause he really likes Lemars. He loved it. We gave him the tickets as we did it a few months after his birthday as his birthday is in Feb so we did it when the weather was warmer


a day out or trip some where, nice memory for him and the grand kids maybe, places like chessigton also do the ye old photo shoots which would be a fun memento of the day

i know its a bit chilly, but a family picnic and walk in a woodland or national park place are nice


My father enjoys drowning squirrels in his water butt.
Maybe you could arrange for Ian Botham to help your father kill some vermin (if he is a cricket fan).

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Thanks for all the different ideas , not sure about some of them lol, xx
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