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    Bsically, i have an Acer aspire 3680 which takes a while to get going because of all of the stuff loaded onto it, i have removed a few things a startup using msconfig, just wondering what would be safe to completely remove from the machine. Running XP media centre

    Format the drive and do a clean install with just the stuff you need/want on it.

    Once a PC gets really slow, it's probably viruses/trojans causing it. You can try to get rid of them but only sure way is reformatting hard drive and doing a clean Windows install. Drastic but effective (usually).

    Hi. Remove any old applications that you dont use anymore via the Control Panel Add/Remove programs.

    empty your temporary files folders (note unless you know what your doing with these then its best left to using a specific software tool to do the job). I use Windows Washer which does an excellent job of clearing out clutter from almost everywhere on the PC.

    update your virus definition files and do a full hard drive scan to make sure that theres no virus or malware causing the slow down.

    Also, check the amount of space you dedicate to your recycle bin, if you dont need it then reduce it to give some extra space.

    WinPatrol is a very good tool to check and see what resources your PC is using so this may help you better as it has a GUI which is compact and gives you plenty of control over various resource options.

    Check to see which Services are starting automatically and whether you need them or not. Again unless you know what your doing here you could end up screwing up your PC so make sure you know what Services do what and the impact of stopping or not using them.

    Other options are to wipe the whole hard drive and reinstall the operating system and everything you need to put back on it. Time consuming but being thorough will give you less grief in the long run.

    defrag your hard drive, if you have used your laptop for a long time and not defragged it then this will slow your computer down a lot. Basically it rearranges the file blocks on the hard drive into order so it takes less time to read and write to it, thereby speeding up your computer.

    From a hardware point of view you could always upgrade some of the components, eg increase the RAM and Hard drive with a higher RPM.

    Just a few options for you to think about. Hope this helps. Cheers.

    Remove the DVD drive :-)
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