what can i replace my Bose 321 system with??

Found 28th Apr 2016
Hi, I'm looking at upgrading my dated but satisfying Bose 321 series 1 system with something similar spec and audio but newer with Bluetooth, more optical input, maybe nfc ect... Not really bothered with 5.1 as too pricey for decent equipment and wouldn't suit room layout, also don't like the idea of sound bar as they seem "lacking" budget of around £300. Thanks for any help
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If you're happy with the Bose why don't you buy a receiver with that you can combine with the Bose ?
NFC you can do yourself as it's only a sticker with a rfid in it. I've just bought a chromecast audio for £15 from the curry's deal, not 100% sure about the codec support but looks like it can take flac so I'm going to give it a go.
I've been using this for streaming between my PC and Chromecast Audio

Works pretty well.
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