what can i use this for

    i recently bought this…d=6 from a boot sale it works and does what its ment to but is there anything else you can do with it like hacks or anything


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    its a card reader chip and pin thing by the way

    It wasn't in Aberdeen was it??

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    no south wales lol i take it u sold one

    no, but I did see someone selling one and wondered what you could actually do with it!! I presume you could use one to clone cards if you were that way inclined, or back up your cards to file...

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    great so i can become a bank fraudster what a great purchase lool

    It takes card payments and encrypts the information to send over the GSM network to your merchant service (Natwest stream ect). The chance of you extracting the card details from the encryption is very slim.

    But ever since these things came out I've thought about how easy it would be to make a device that looked like one with a standard card reader in it, and just a small memory for the pin number. and you could clone whatever cards you wanted and you'd know the pin numbers.
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