What can you do to help cut costs when buying goods? How do we shop smarter and other information to help

Posted 30th May 2022
Hello all

So, i've had a few PMs if i have any information or can i collate a thread on what you can do to cut costs when buying goods from retailers, shop smarter, make your money go further and other information. I've had a search around and tried to come up with a list of current offers and information but we are likely to see more due to the rise in the cost of living, including groceries.

If you have tips/tricks i've missed, and related to this topic, please comment and let me know

Some tips:

- Do you really need said item(s)? Rather than impulse buys, think about it first. (I have a drawer full of USB cables..)

- Don't shop when hank marvin / hungry, it's easy to fill your basket/trolley with poor / impulsive choices

- Always look for voucher / discount codes to get items cheaper

- Make a shopping list and stick to it

- Some services offer a 'try before you buy' , always worth thinking about.

- Meal plan where possible, will save you a good amount, rather than pre-packaged.

- Price compare, using the likes of Pricespy, camelcamelcamel, trolley.co.uk and more

- Use apps like Shopmium, CheckoutSmart , Quidco Clicksnap which you can get money back on certain products

- Eye tests: Many opticians have free eye tests if you ask or they send out vouchers via email and/or post

- Buying Frozen is nearly always cheaper than buying fresh

- Save those bags for life and remember to take them with you, you'll not only help save the enviroment but save on your pocket.

- Try to cut back on subscriptions, like TV etc. Sometimes when you try and cancel you get a better offer, note the date then repeat!

- Add your loyalty cards to the likes of Google Pay etc, you will then be less likely to 'forget them' and making sure you get those offers, savings and discounts.

- Use by dates indicate when a product may no longer be safe to eat. You should not eat, cook, or freeze it after the date displayed, even if it looks or smells fine. Best before dates are an indication of quality rather than safety

- Don't be fooled into thinking branded goods are better than supermarket own labels (Try a step down from a branded product to a supermarket own brand)

- Have a clear out and sell unwanted stuff at car boot sales.

- Many banking apps, like Starling/Monzo, have 'round up' features where if you buy something a certain % goes to a 'saving space', this soon builds up into a nice saving. You can usually have as many 'spaces' as you want/need and of course, still put £xx amount away each month.

- Those small DIY jobs, many could be easy fixes, lots of youtube videos/sites around BUT make sure confident and anything gas/electric related please get a qualifed person(s) to to the job.

- Take out a set amount of cash each week and spend that rather than using debit card for payments. When you see the money leaving your hand/wallet/purse etc makes it more real. Will also make you question purchases.

- Many supermarkets do 'Wonky Veg' boxes, bascially veg that isn't appealing to look at (mad i know) but you can usually get a big box for around the £1.50 mark.

- Look into switching to a water meter, especially if you live in a large house with low occupancy. The "rule of thumb" is, if you have more bedrooms than people living in the house, then it's worth considering. Clearly it's not going to benefit everyone (If it doesn't work out cheaper, you can switch back to the old system within the first year but check with your local waterboard for all your options)

- Facebook Marketplace can be good for picking up new/second hand goods, including clothing and furniture.

- Record your expenses, you'll soon see what your wasting money on.

- Check work place benefits to see if they offer discounts/ discounted gift cards.

- Check if your bank offers discounts (i.e Lloyds have ‘Everyday offers’)

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Download the free Aldi app today and you’ll have Everyday Amazing in your pocket all day long. It’s great for browsing the latest offers and the brand-new product ranges, and you can even shop some of your favourite collections, including Specialbuys, Wines and Spirits and Everyday Collections. Learn more below.


Thee are some decent savings, when buying in bulk, using Amazon Subscribe and Save BUT remember to check before the next month as prices can go up, as well as down and that bargain may not be a bargain anymore

Also How to Share Your Amazon Prime with Others (Help cut costs)


Thought this was worth a mention, as trying to keep costs down when getting rid of old appliances:

Collect & Recycle Standalone Service - Cooker / Fridge / Freezer / TV / Dishwasher / Washing Machine / Dryer £20 Per Item from AO

Some Councils charge more, or maybe less, so it's well worth checking with your Local Authority first.

Approved Food

They specialise in surplus and short-dated stock, food that is either near or just passed its 'best before' date - allowing us to pass on huge savings to our customers.

We have over 2000 products including - Big Brands, Cupboard Fillers, Ex Supermarket & Department store products across a wide range of Food, Drinks, Household & Toiletries, Gifts plus much more.. all at huge discounts.
They state, they do not sell anything anything past its USE BY date.


10% off for Blue Light Card Holders

Over two million people who play critical roles in our communities, in the emergency services, NHS, social care, and armed forces have a Blue Light Card and we're proud to show our support to them by offering 10% off their shopping in store, which we plan to run until October 2022, and we know this will go a long way to helping them fight the rising cost of living.

New 'Just Essentials' Range at Asda


Good things come to those who scan.Unlock everything that Asda Rewards has to offer by scanning your in-app card every time you shop. You’ll never miss out on Mission or Star Product earnings – building that all-important Cashpot.


View exclusive offers on all your favourite grocery brands

Shop in-store or online - Get your shopping from any supermarket and keep your receipt

Get paid- Upload a picture of your receipt, and we'll put cashback into your account

on iOS and Android

Co-op food

Co-op have launched a 15 min walking delivery service, which is ideal for those who struggle to leave their homes, friends/neighbours can pick up and of corse with rising fuel costs may save them a few ££'s.

co-op have also held the price of around 2300 products to help keep the price of shopping down.

Save with offers -Access offers to use in Co-op Food stores every week.
Scan your card - Earn or spend rewards and claim offers with your contactless digital card.
Support a cause -Choose or change the cause you support and see how much they’ve raised.
Track your rewards - See how the rewards we put back into your membership account are adding up.
Donate your rewards - Give all or some of what you’ve earned to help create lasting change in communities.

Also, co-op usually have free magazines instore, which most of the time have some sort of voucher/discount.

Usually you can get a family meal deal / 'freezer fillers' for £5 or less


Costco usually do cheaper goods in bulk, like washing power, food stuffs and other goods like TV's and Furniture

You need to be a member but you can pay as little as £15 a year Membership info

Also Costco UK Individual Membership £33.60 inc. VAT + x2 £10 shopping vouchers to spend online for Blue Light Card holders


Depop is the fashion marketplace app where the next generation come to discover unique items. With a global community buying and selling on Android and iOS


Ebay is a common one, where you can and sell new and used goods. If seeling you need to think about any fees + delivery costs. Every few weeks their seems to be some sort of promo regarding max fees at £1 etc, so if you have quite a bit to sell, it's worth holding on for.


The Freecycle Network® is made up of more than 5,000 local Town groups with over 9 million members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Membership is free, and everything posted must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages.

See here


Select coupons & shop in-store or online
Snap a photo of your receipt on GreenJinn
Cashback to your Paypal or bank account

On iOS and Android


Farmfoods have vouchers, which you can sign up via email for, and usually offer £xx of a £xx spend,

See website, on right of webpage.


Donate a bag of clothes to H&M and get a £5 voucher towards your next purchase.

You can also get 10% off for new customers via online and instore when you sign up (free)


10% off for over 60's every Tuesday until October

The 10% discount will be available to those over sixty every Tuesday and will apply across all products. The 10% discounts will be available in-store only and to receive the over-60s discount, shoppers simply need to show proof of age at the checkout, which could be a driving license, senior bus pass, senior rail card or Freedom Pass.

£1 back for every £20 you save*
Exclusive Bonus Card prices
Free Home Delivery in-store & online*

Minimum order of £25 required to use online order in store delivery service. Free delivery for in store orders over £20 and online orders over £40 (£3 delivery charge otherwise payable). £109 saving is based on saving £2 on your Bonus Card per week, plus receiving a £1 bonus for every £20 saved over a 1 year period. Visit iceland.co.uk/terms for further details.

** Please note: When you sign up for a Digital Bonus Card online you will not receive a physical Bonus Card. Your digital card can be used in exactly the same way as a physical card, in store and online.

Possible £12 off a £60 spend (New customers) using code ICETWELVE


We’re slackers. The modern-day climate heroes. The kind of people who help save the world by doing the most basic human thing in life - eat stuff.

We’re running the world’s least ambitious, most delicious climate movement: Radical Slacktivism. To fight over-production and solve food waste.

On iOS and Android


LIDL is usually seen as one of the 'cheaper' supermarkets but you can also download the LIDL Plus app and get various discounts/vouchers for money off certain products. These are usually targeted but sometimes they do bigger discounts like £10 off £100 spends etc, so worth keeping an eye on, usually coupons update every Thursday.

Also LIDL do 'Wonky Veg' boxes for £1.50 see here

Marks and Spencer

We'll give you personalised offers based on the things you love
Whenever you scan your card, we'll donate to your chosen charity
Every week we'll surprise some lucky customers with a little gift
Every week in store, we'll treat a Sparks customer to the shopping they're buying for free
We'll be giving away thousands of pounds to spend at M&S, in store or online. Imagine that!

Your Sparks card is also digital:
Download the M&S app to scan your card straight from your phone, and keep track of offers and rewards.

Marks and Spencers usually do some from of dine-in meal deal like dine in for 2 or family offers


Morrisons redued to minnimum spend by £15 on C&C, from £40 to £25

Morrisons launches one of its biggest ever price cut campaigns

Morrisons is launching one of its biggest price cuts in recent years by reducing prices on over 500 products and introducing new and improved multi saves.

The lower prices cover six per cent of Morrisons total volume sales with products from all across the store being reduced. Items cover cupboard essentials, fridge staples and frozen favourites and include cereal, cooking sauces, chicken and sausages. The average saving is 13 per cent with key volume lines being eggs, baked beans and rice.

There's also usually a new customer code floating around but not seeing any right now.

We’re all about bringing Good Things to our customers, and we believe My Morrisons will do just that. With a new way to enjoy rewards, check out some of the amazing perks of our loyalty app below.

Personalised offers - tailored digital vouchers with money-off your next shop
Instant activation - one-tap to activate
Scan the app - scan your digital in-app card at the till for automatic savings
Find out first - about our events and offers

If you have a physical card, you can still continue to swipe to receive money-off coupons at the till to enjoy your My Morrisons rewards. View our FAQ


You may have noticed the word ‘surplus’ above. Surplus stock can come about for a few reasons. Maybe a brand overestimates their production needs, product range changes mean there are products kicking about that have old design packaging, or a retailer’s order is cancelled last minute for food that is already in production. This is when our smart buying team swoop in to buy the excess stock.

Just throwing this surplus stock away would be an incredible waste of our planet's resources. So by us buying this stock and selling it directly to our customers, we save products at risk of going to landfill, and sell them with great discounts.


Get £20 off a £60 spend for new customers (T&Cs apply) or try code VOU5089741 (Same value)


The food waste app is OLIO

Join millions of neighbours all over the world who are using OLIO to share more, care more and waste less.

Give & get free stuff, borrow & lend household items, and shop homemade – all directly from your community.

On iOS and Android


Paypal offer up to £15 of return shipping costs per return, for up to 12 eligible returns per year worldwide.

See here for information

Quidco Clicksnap

Save money whilst shopping with ClickSnap cashback and deals! Simply click get cashback, shop as normal and earn rewards in your Quidco account.

Simply browse our regularly updated offers, buy the featured products at your local supermarket, snap and upload a copy of your receipt and have cashback automatically credited to your Quidco account and then paid into your bank of choice.

Offers can be redeemed multiple times at top supermarkets including:

- Tesco
- Asda
- Sainsburys
- Waitrose
- Morrisons

on iOS and Android


Have their own 'locked price' products* and 1600+ items (at time of writing)

*Price Lock means prices of the products marked with a padlock won’t go up for at least 8 weeks from each cycle, the current cycle being from 23/03/22. Occasionally, the price may go down. Selected products & sizes, subject to availability. Not all products available in Northern Ireland. Excludes centrals & locals

Also £15 off your first £60+online grocery shop For orders delivered on or before 30/06/22* using code SPPC22JUN15

Full terms here

Collect 1 point per £1 on all qualifying spends at Sainsbury's supermarkets and at sainsburys.co.uk.
You can also collect 1 point for every 1 litre of fuel when you fill up at Sainsbury's petrol stations.
500 points are worth £2.50 at Sainsbury's. You can spend your points in store or online, simply login to get started.

See the app.


Tesco launches new Delivery Saver schemes: Same day from £6.99pm , a new Click & Collect for £2.49pm / off-peak delivery from £4.99pm


1 month free Tesco Clubcard trial

Subscribe to Clubcard Plus and get 10% off your groceries in-store, twice a month, as well as 10% off F&F all the time. All for just £7.99 a month (After the free trial)

Remember to cancel, if you do not wish to be charged/continue the service.

Use your Clubcard and collect points on food, fuel, fashion and more, in-store and online

150 points turns into £1.50 in vouchers - for savings on shopping or with our Reward Partners
Get up to 3x your voucher value with over 100 Reward Partners
Unlock exclusive deals just for Clubcard members

Also, if you're charged the wrong price at Tesco, you'll get double the difference back!

We do everything we can to make sure that you should never be overcharged. So in the unlikely event that we charge you more than the price advertised on the shelf edge or on the product, please visit any store’s Customer Service Desk (excluding Express stores) with your receipt. A member of our team will be more than happy to offer for a “double the difference” refund.


Shopmium is a simple and free way to get exclusive offers on everyday brands found in the supermarket. With new offers every week, you can find great deals on everyday products and even FREE products. We’re swapping paper coupons for an app that gathers great discounts in one place. Just find the products you like, buy them in stores, take a picture of your receipt and get your money back.

on iOs and Android

Too Good To Go

On the Too Good To Go app, restaurants, cafes and bakeries list leftover food that would otherwise be thrown away. Users can then browse the map for food near them and pick up a ‘magic bag’ for a fraction of the original retail cost.

The only thing is you usually don't know what you're going to get, i've used this a few times and probably had one 'poor' bag filled with sarnies but the majority of stuff is good, and if you get too much bread etc you can always freeze most of the goods.

On iOS and Android.


See the cheapest grocery prices across UK's largest stores. Find daily deals, get price alerts, and create smart shopping lists see here


With 80% of Superdrug customers admitting the need to switch to cheaper brands, the retailer is adding a further 30 products to its Price Freeze Promise


Sell and buy second hand clothing

One community, thousands of brands, and a whole lot of second-hand style. Ready to get started? Here’s how it works see here and on iOS, Android and Desktop/Laptop


Although Waitrose can be seen as expensive to some, they do have 'everyday pricing' on various products and also have a mywaitrose scheme which can give personalised offers and other discounts

e.g If you’re a myWaitrose member and you have a Vitality health or life insurance plan, you can now get up to 25% cashback on Waitrose products with the Good Health logo.


Plan meals and check deals

Challenge yourself to use what you have in the cupboard and freezer as the basis for your week’s meals, to focus on what you actually need to buy. By planning your meals and taking into account what you already have in the cupboard you can avoid impulse buying and keep your eye out for the specific ingredients you need at the best price. Take advantage of BOGOF and new product introduction prices to stock up on the essentials and leave you with more margin on the more expensive items.

Consider subbing in vegetables where you might normally have meat; with vegetarianism and veganism becoming more common, there are loads of resources out there on swapping to a more plant based life and tasty switches that are kinder on your bank balance. Also, upping the vegetables in classic dishes like chillis can reduce the meat you need to use and make portions go a bit further.

Make the most of vouchers, either by looking online for money off, at the end of a shop for future trips or by doing your first online shop with a new supermarket where you can get a discount on your order.

Check the World food aisle

If you are looking for cheaper store cupboard staples, check out the World Food aisles in bigger supermarkets, which typically have great value options on herbs and spices,as well as essentials like tinned tomatoes and chickpeas found at lower costs. Sometimes they may be slighlty more but mainily they'll be a bag/tin etc.

Buy frozen meat

Frozen meat is often cheaper than fresh - you can get bags of chicken breasts and mince at a much cheaper price point, to bulk out your dishes. It's also worth visiting your local butcher, who can give you exactly the amount you need for what you're cooking.

Know when a deal is a deal

That said, don’t buy an item just because it’s discounted if you don’t need it. A good rule is to check the unit price displayed on the shelf to make sure the deals are actually worth having - if it’s a matter of a few pence and you don’t need the product in multiple, it might work out as false economy. Similarly, only buy what you need; whilst four chicken breasts might only be £1 more than buying two, if you have no plans for the extra one and know you’re unlikely to remember to freeze it, then steer clear.

The above also goes for online goods, check recent price history (see tips at top of discussion)


Not a 'retailer' as such but as such high energy costs right now, i thought this was worth a mention.

Many energy companies offer help for those struggling to pay their bills.

Grants to help pay off your energy debts

If you’re in debt to your energy supplier, you might be able to get a grant to help pay it off.

The following energy suppliers offer grants to their customers:

If you can’t get a grant from your supplier, you might be able to get a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust. These grants are available to anyone - you don’t have to be a British Gas customer. You’ll need to get debt advice before applying - get help from a debt adviser.

Local energy grants

Check if you can get a local energy grant on the Simple Energy Advice website.

You might also be able to find grants or schemes run by your local council. Find your local council on GOV.UK.

If you can't afford to top up your prepayment meter

You might be able to get a fuel voucher. This is a code given to you in a letter or in a text message or email. You can use it to add credit to your gas card or electricity key. If you don't have one of these, contact your supplier to get one.

Your local council might be able to help you get a fuel voucher - find your local council on GOV.UK.

Note most, if not all of these grants, have some kind of criteria so make sure you read through everything first.

Also, not forgetting Council Tax Rebates of £150 (Has criteria attached)

Council tax rebate information

Still unsure? Find your local Council here

Free school meals

You may be able to apply for free school meals

Healthy Start

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4, you may be entitled to get help to buy healthy food and milk

Tax Credits

You may be apply to apply for Tax Credits if on a low income

Wondering what else is out there to help those on low incomes?

Benefits and financial support if you're on a low income

Jobseeker help:

Jobseekers can now get six months free broadband - Fibre35 (No contract)

If you're unemployed and looking for work, you may get discounted travel in London

Stagecoach - Half price tickets for jobseekers

Job Centre Plus website:

Job Centre Plus

Also some other threads that can help cut costs:

Cost of living announcement - Payments for Pensioners and those with disabilities, Energy payments of £400, Windfall tax & more

The Best Loyalty Cards 2022 - Perks, offers, discounts, vouchers and more

Best times to get yellow sticker reductions across supermarkets plus online grocery shopping codes

Buyers Guides

Ten Top Tips on how to save at home - What ideas or tips do you have?

Tips & tricks to save money at the fuel pump

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With cashback Apps, take the cash out as soon as you reach their minimum amount. They can close your account anytime they want, and any balance you have with them is gone. You have no recourse as their word is final, they don't have to explain why and frequently won't. Also with Checkoutsmart and Quidco if you get kicked by one you will almost certainly be kicked by the other and loose both balances. Most people don't have problems, so it's just a way to minimise the risk.
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Updated further! Thanks all
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  1. Gingerdan's avatar
    Take out a set amount of cash each week and spend that rather than using debit card for payments.

    When you see the money leaving your hand/wallet/purse etc makes it more real. Will also make you question purchases.

    Far too easy to just tap to pay with cards with no real concept of the money leaving you!!
    kitkat1's avatar
    I got taught at a very young age by my father to “ask yourself how many hours have you had to work to get that item? Is it really a necessity? and do you really need/want it?”… I keep asking myself these questions they have worked for me and my children on many occasions
  2. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    Don't be fooled into thinking branded goods are better than supermarket own labels. It ain't necessarily so.
    L33TL33's avatar
    Been today and one big saving I always noticed was own brand pasta
  3. scottswaha's avatar
    Don't buy packs of things like onions, always cheaper to buy loose, same with carrots, same with tomatoes. If you are buying packs of leeks, buy packs with the biggest ones, they will always be over the stated weight, chop up the extra ones and freeze. Use frozen in soups. Make simple lentil soup. Eat porridge instead of cereal, cheaper and better for you, use the cheapest, cook in the microwave for four minutes. Get an airfryer, we have two a small one and larger one. Put up curtains across doors, Dunelm Mills has deals, cheap poles can be bought at B&M. Get heavier curtains or double them up. Cut down on machine washes, soak clothes in detergent solution overnight, rinse in the bath drip dry in the garden if you have one. Studies have shown that a 10 minute hand wash is more effective than a washing machine. You don't need to shower or bath every day, sponge your smellies down at the sink. The energy you save will go toward heating your home and not be flushed down the drain. Cut down on drink or brew your own, a bottle of scotch costing £15 has £10 tax on it. Lager is only drinkable when you can't taste it, ie it is chilled. (edited)
    jinkssick's avatar
    As I type, I am currently leg over my sink right now.
  4. Rmcstar's avatar
    As well as HotUKDeals check vouchers on here nice thread @Dan_82 :). I think don't assume shops like Lidl and Aldi are always the cheapest, I was in yesterday and some of the prices were more expensive than Asda, it is definitely worth checking trolley.co.uk out, as you have said.
    jungleboy123's avatar
    Aldi and Lidl prices have gone up significantly since inflation went up.

    I rarely find them a bargain like before. I think they probably have a mature customer base now, having fought the big supermarkets for years.

    Now big supermarkets are trying to price match or beat the price of Aldi/Lidl.
  5. tcf's avatar
    Learn the difference between "best before" and "use by'.
  6. Beyourself's avatar
    cheaper not labeled products very often have less sugar/less salt in them than branded products
  7. TheNewSound's avatar
    Here's a few of my own money-saving tips in no particular order:

    1) invest in a slow cooker and use it
    2) get into the habit of batch-cooking meals for the week/month ahead
    3) cut down on the amount of meat you eat (use more chickpeas, lentils and pulses)
    4) buy food that has been reduced and then freeze it on the day (thaw it on the day you plan to eat it)
    5) make a meal plan for the week/month ahead and then use this to make a shopping list. Stick to this list in the shop (or do your grocery shopping online if it stops you making impulse purchases)
    6) when online shopping, add an item you want to your basket and then leave the website. Sometimes you might get an email through with a discount code or some other incentive
    7) invest in a water butt and use rainwater to water your garden rather than the tap
    8.) invest in a decent watering can to use with your new water butt
    9) save money by buying plants for your garden when they are small and take the time to grow them yourself before planting. Grow your plants from seed if you have the time or inclination. It's more rewarding that buying the same thing fully grown
    10) buy a clothes line or rotary airer to dry your clothes instead of a dryer (particularly in the summer)
    11) invest in a compost bin and use it as much as you can rather than buying compost from the shop (you'll be amazed at the number of things you can put in there)
    12) If you work from home, boil a full kettle once and then fill up a flask to reduce the number of times you boil your kettle
    13) make it a rule not to buy anything online unless you can find a discount or promo code
    14) if you are going out for a meal, eat something before you go and then skip the starter course, or even better, order a starter as a main
    15) put money (10% if you can) into a savings account each week/month as soon as you get paid and try not to touch it.
    16) get paid to switch bank accounts. It's the easiest "work" you'll ever do
    17) Ditch the gym and go for a walk or run. Do callisthenics instead (there's loads of free resources online)
    18) Lose weight by eating less and moving more - this is guaranteed to save you money
    19) Don't bother with protein powders or energy bars. Just eat better to get the protein and energy you need.
    20) Save up and buy things with cash instead of on credit. (edited)
    c_1st's avatar
    Superb top 20 list - some great reminders, and brilliant new tips I hadn't thought of (9, 12 + 14). Thanks for taking the time to write all of them
  8. leejay's avatar
    Great post Dan…i have noticed a lot of supermarkets are reducing food but not covering the old barcode so be cautious when scanning…the cynic in me thinks this a deliberate ploy.
  9. scottswaha's avatar
    This is a miniscule saving for those who make their own curries. I have found that honey can replace mango chutney when called for as a recipe ingredient with no noticeable difference. It saves using a spoonful of the chutney and having to throw away half the jar after a few weeks.
  10. WhiteElephant's avatar
    There's a lot to be saved by using your freezer more especially with regards to food waste. Here are some of the things that I do:
    1. Freeze any bread products. If freezing bagels, buns, loaves that you want to fill cut in half / slices before freezing. Then pop in the toaster straight from the freezer on defrost setting.
    2. Slice up leftover lemons and limes and freeze. You can use these in G&T's (adds to cooling too), flavoring for water. Can also add to fish that is baked in the oven.
    3. Grate any leftover blocks of cheese and freeze. Can be scattered onto pasta bakes, lasagne, pizza or anything else that goes into the oven and needs cheese. Comes out exactly the same as using fresh.
    4. Peel and freeze ginger whole. You'll find that you can grate it easier and straight into cooking.
    5. You can freeze almost anything. So think if you're not going to use fresh produce in the next few days freeze it before it gets spoilt.
    Hope this helps some of you.
    themachman's avatar
    I've been freezing my Lemons and Limes, usually buy a 5 pack and 3 go in the bin as they turn bad, but freezing them is great for my Bacardi and Cokes
    Also bulk make my meals for the week, freeze them and pull them out when needed
    Love the Cheese freeze idea, must admit I've never froze cheese, so will try that one, thanks
  11. Deedie's avatar
    If you want to save money. Remove all traces of HotUKDeals on all your devices. Try and erase it from your memory.

    Already spent £200 in here this morning
    devdas121's avatar
  12. Muig1972's avatar
    Deedie30/05/2022 11:34

    If you want to save money. Remove all traces of HotUKDeals on all your …If you want to save money. Remove all traces of HotUKDeals on all your devices. Try and erase it from your memory. Already spent £200 in here this morning

    On a similar note, I'd say ditch Amazon Prime. I'm on a trial at the moment and I've bought some right tat I wouldn't normally bother with because I couldn't resist the lure of free delivery!
    John_Atkin's avatar
    Yes the lure of amazon prime is quite shocking.
  13. steve765's avatar
    Muig197230/05/2022 11:54

    On a similar note, I'd say ditch Amazon Prime. I'm on a trial at the …On a similar note, I'd say ditch Amazon Prime. I'm on a trial at the moment and I've bought some right tat I wouldn't normally bother with because I couldn't resist the lure of free delivery!

    Prime is better value if you use the other services included in membership ie movies/music etc.

    I’d say photo storage also but once they have all your photos changing to someone else can be a bit if a pain. Transferring over. So they’ve got a captive market once you’re hooked in.

    Amazon Prime & HUKD have helped me obtain sone bargains over the years but also quite a few purchases I didn’t know I needed until I saw them as a deal. When in reality I didn’t need them at all.
    WhiteElephant's avatar
    So true. I use quite a few of the services: s&s, prime video, prime reading. Free delivery just seems like a nice bonus feature for me
  14. gg1pl's avatar
    Stop over shopping, average UK home throws away 1/4 tonne of food or 500 meals worth into the bin each year

    UK eats more ready meals than rest of Europe, super expensive with average cost of £4-5. We also have takeaways costing £1000+ each year, some have takeaways 2-3 per week!

    Time to step away from the can't cook, won't cook culture, don't give BS excuse of no time as people have time to watch TV for a few hours each day!

    If you have time for Love Island, EastEnders, you have time to cook a meal! (edited)
  15. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    scottswaha30/05/2022 14:59

    Don't buy packs of things like onions, always cheaper to buy loose, same …Don't buy packs of things like onions, always cheaper to buy loose, same with carrots, same with tomatoes. If you are buying packs of leeks, buy packs with the biggest ones, they will always be over the stated weight, chop up the extra ones and freeze. Use frozen in soups. Make simple lentil soup. Eat porridge instead of cereal, cheaper and better for you, use the cheapest, cook in the microwave for four minutes. Get an airfryer, we have two a small one and larger one. Put up curtains across doors, Dunelm Mills has deals, cheap poles can be bought at B&M. Get heavier curtains or double them up. Cut down on machine washes, soak clothes in detergent solution overnight, rinse in the bath drip dry in the garden if you have one. Studies have shown that a 10 minute hand wash is more effective than a washing machine. You don't need to shower or bath every day, sponge your smellies down at the sink. The energy you save will go toward heating your home and not be flushed down the drain. Cut down on drink or brew your own, a bottle of scotch costing £15 has £10 tax on it. Lager is only drinkable when you can't taste it, ie it is chilled.

    Don't be fooled into thinking loose fruit and veg is always cheaper.
    We buy bags of "wonky" carrots, onions, peppers, apples, oranges etc.. and much more.
    e.g. 1kg of carrots for 20p, 9 onions for 50p, 6 peppers for 99p, etc... all much cheaper than buying loose and there's nothing wrong with any of it.

    Also, we find packaged produce lasts much longer if kept in the bag, whereas loose items tend to dehydrate and go bendy/floppy much quicker.
    Many supermarkets throw away loose fruit and veg much sooner because it just doesn't keep so long on the shelf. They prefer to stock packaged produce with a longer shelf life.

    Wonky is the way to go
  16. jpoolfitz's avatar
    Use monese vouchers as and when they have 20% off. Buy morrisons gift cards and use them to save 20% on petrol / diesel (edited)
  17. hysterical_homer's avatar
    Buy secondhand - Especially with the easy returns that exist nowadays, the savings are often worth the hassle of buying things second-hand, and you're doing the environment a big favour too. Especially applicable to things like tech (ex. an iphone xr goes for 150 quid here), clothes, as well as things like bikes.

    Oh and never underestimate the value of your time - Sometimes it may be better to just go and buy something for a bit extra rather than shopping around physically or even online, and wasting an hour or so to save a few quid. Especially if you get paid by the hour with flexible hours. (edited)
  18. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    You can find a video on how to repair just about anything on YouTube. New shower £170 & a plumber to fit it. New cartridge for existing shower £70 and changed by yours truly in five minutes. Most of these jobs are far easier than you think.
    toomanychoices's avatar
    Well, yes, but water & electricity isn't a really good mix if you don't know what you're doing.
  19. abigsmurf's avatar
    Soulja31/05/2022 11:39

    You can also undervolt your GPU which will help low power consumption. I …You can also undervolt your GPU which will help low power consumption. I used MSI Afterburner and undervolted my 3090 by 100 Watts and it still performs brilliantly when gaming.

    Another tip is to turn on frame limiters. If your monitor is only 60hz, there's no point in having a game run at 185fps and maxing out your CPU and GPU with no visible difference.

    On a completely unrelated note, my money saving tip is if you're someone who always wants milk in the fridge but has an irregular usage pattern (ie you don't eat cereal but often use milk for cooking and coffee), get filtered milk like cravendale. Opened milk may go off by the end of the week but filtered milk can last multiple weeks. Despite it costing more (although some supermarkets do cheaper own brand) you can save money as you'll be pouring less sour milk down the drain and/or take fewer shopping trips..

    It's massively dependant on your usage pattern though.
  20. johallington1's avatar
    Join several beauty freebie groups and get free make up/perfume. Join paid focus groups, scan receipts on apps for cash, buy small plants for 50p-£1 at car boots, fetes etc and re pot. Car boots are great for so many things, but these days marketplace and local groups on Facebook people give away lots of great things. See if you can buy the new item you want cheaper on e.g eBay my husband needed new Clark’s boots that were a £100, I paid £35 as someone hadn’t worn them. A hc3 can save you money for nhs costs on a low income, the big difference scheme with Severn Trent caps your water bill. The company shop sells close to date fresh and frozen food. Today I bought several packets of chicken satay for 20p a pack Look out for when M&S do their 70-90% sales. In January companies like Parkdean do great sales. If you want to go to theme parks collect the codes from the Sun. The National Trust is worth membership for family days out if you have lots near you. Find a trustworthy garage, that’s saves hundreds and do basic checks and listen for odd noises etc, before they become a big issue. Lidl do great £1.50 veg boxes.
    c_1st's avatar
    Excellent and very broad range of tips (I liked the local garage one esp'). Much appreciated
  21. Mich8ll8's avatar
    Farmfoods also do money off vouchers online…example £2 off £25 spend etc if this helps anyone @Dan
  22. Alvie's avatar
    Regarding eye tests, if you work in front of a screen, your employer is obligated to pay for it:

    hse.gov.uk/msd…htm (edited)
  23. Alvie's avatar
    For car insurance, look for quotes around 23 days before it is time for renewal, and check a few different comparison sites. I find that confused.com has cheaper premiums than moneysupermarket.

    My renewal offer with Admiral was: £659.51
    but after comparisons, my best comparable offer (with Aviva) was £382.72.

    Now, when you get your offer, rather than cancelling the renewal straight away online or however, call your current insurer to see if they can beat it. With Admiral, the only way to cancel it is via calling so they always try to beat it. The person I was speaking to was surprised they could discount it so much that it ended up being £457.31. I'd suspect for others, insurers may even be able to discount it to below any competing offers (there's quite an extensive range in mine, I think because I'm still quite young and haven't had a lot of experience on the roads just yet).

    TL;DR: Get car insurance quotes ~23 days before renewal on multiple sites, check with current insurer if they can beat quotes (edited)
  24. Neverwoncomps's avatar
    I have a energy save tip, but you probably know this already.
    My cooker hood is used regularly and has lights but i didn't realise until recently that the two bulbs in the cooker hood are 40w bulbs.
    I have changed these to 2 x 4w led warm light bulbs, hopefully will make a small difference.
    I have also changed all my bulbs to led and everything is switched of at night!
    Wammer's avatar
    We've replaced all our lights with LEDs, including the strip lights in the garage and loft. Completely forgot about the cooker hood! Thanks for the heads up.
  25. pidd's avatar
    Walk round to your Grannie. Seriously. She's likely to have lived through thrifty times and will have loads of useful tips that she'll love to share. The current generations always like to think they know best, but it's funny how so much of this stuff tends to be cyclical.
  26. you_gotta_be_kidding's avatar
    My advice is moan when things aren't quite right...

    I bought a Keter shed from Amazon for £411 (off a deal on here)...

    Two days later it was down to £390... Onto amazon got partial refund.
    Then delivery was delayed, onto amazon got 10% refund.
    Then arrived with one box damaged, onto amazon got 30% refunded.

    Ended up costing £226 (edited)
  27. DaveNovell's avatar
    Considering there’s a food shortage coming along with food price rises again in autumn and beyond, if you want to save some money and protect yourself to a degree from the coming issues best to buy and store large amounts of food before autumn hits. Personally I’ve been slowly buying food that lasts at least 9 months and I generally buy when on offer as well.

    Between monetary inflation caused by central banks never ending money printing, the removal of large amounts of wheat, maize, sunflower oil, etc from the global food market due to the conflict in Ukraine. As well as China predicting they will have the worst wheat crop in decades because of an unusually long rainy season.
    Plus on top of all this we know fertiliser costs have gone up dramatically which means once the crops that used that fertiliser starts to enter the global food chain we will see food prices increases again to offset the dramatic rise in fertiliser costs.

    Buy food now to save yourself money in the future.
  28. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    THINK - don't automatically jump in the car for short distances.

    I'm amazed how many of my neighbours drive to the end of the road to buy milk or a newspaper.
    One neighbour strap's their children in the car to drive to the end of the road and park, then walk 100 yards round the corner to school. The school is literally a 2 minute walk from the front door. This makes me mad, not only is it a complete waste of time and petrol, but what a terrible life lesson to be teaching the children!
    I see the same behaviour with pick ups and drop offs at the local train station, just an 8 minute walk from the front door. I often beat my neighbours home as I reach my front door just as their car pulls in the drive. Some neighbours even pay for all day parking at the station. Why not leave the car at home, and use your legs?

    Walk, because it saves money AND it's healthy
  29. Dalton_'s avatar
    you can give your old appliances to a scrap man for free
  30. 118luke's avatar
    ******* Consumerism is your worst enemy when it comes to saving money. *******

    If you absolutely must buy something, One massive tip i have is to buy 2nd hand instead of new. Often something that is used but still in excellent usable condition can be half the price on the high street. Its a lot of money to pay just for the "removing the wrapping/opening the seal" experience.

    Be it clothes, computers, games consoles, furniture, appliances, mobile phones etc etc.

    Speaking of mobile phones, laptops and other tech, so you really need the very latest phone? Would one from 2/3 generations ago suit you just as well? It could cost as little as a quarter of the price of a brand spanking new latest piece of tech.
    - I have a 2nd hand Samsung Note 10+ 5G, and it will do nearly everything the latest samsung S22 does at a fraction of the cost.

    Also, if something doesn't work, why not have a go and repair it rather than rushing to eBay/Amazon to replace it?
    A big percentage of the time, its something very simple that could be fixed in under 10 minutes with a little help from youtube etc.
    - I nearly replaced a petrol lawnmower because the self-drive function stopped working. But thankfully i decided to have a look underneath and saw the drive belt had come off the pulley. 2 minutes later the lawnmower was fully working again - so simple!!

    Like wise with cars, don't be tempted to replace a car that's failed the MOT on something consumable like tyres or brake pads. The cost of replacing these is far less than the cost of a new car, and these are consumable items!!
    - I know of someone who was going to scrap a 7 year old ford focus just because it needed 2 new tyres and failed the MOT. Luckily i convinced her otherwise when i showed her that a pair of tyres for her car could be got for around £60-70.

    We have become so accustomed to being a throw away society that we have forgotten how be savvy and to save money.
  31. iGlad's avatar
    I stopped using my Tesco credit card for the points as my bill was getting crazy each month. I now only use it for petrol and when I shop at the store. I use my Chase debit card for everyday as it gives me cash back.

    I make my own coffee and make my own lunch which will save me quite a £’s.

    Ignoring Hotukdeals will also save you a bundle. (edited)
  32. jpoolfitz's avatar
    Use trolley.co.uk to compare prices before you shop
    steve.james's avatar
    Using a washing machine use white vinegar ,evo friendly but cheap to buy ,will kill all bacteria ,just need a squirt ! 30 degree wash ,cleaned and sanitised ,I also use Bio tablets on big wash,s they work best at this temp ! When finished open the door and leave clothes in for 24 hrs ,the remaining water in the washer will drain ,after 48 hrs your clothes will be 90 % dry !!! Then hang them on hangers around the house and will dry naturally ,sure maybe crinkles but in this day and age my ironing is going into a museum !
  33. J40NYR's avatar
    I think you've misssed out the Sainsburys Smartshop nectar deals. You get personalised discounts on products you have bought before and also very good bonus points offers on products - for example it may say buy semi skimmed milk and receive 60pts (considering 60 points is what you'd normally get for spending £60) they can really add up fast.

    It does mean you have to either scan your shopping with an instore scanner or by using your mobile phone. I tend to find Sainsburys is about the cheapest for branded goods for what we buy anyway so long as you are happy to change your flavour of crisps / coffee / chocolate etc on your weekly shops.
  34. Grazz0r's avatar
    Take photos and pack stuff you want to sell into boxes when you have spare time and keep them safe.
    Sell on eBay when they have 70%+ off fees days.
    Your stuff will be all packaged up and ready to go!
    Dan_82's avatar
    Good shout, thank you! Will add into the next update
  35. Hotspur's avatar
    If you want to buy an item and it's retailed at normal price and you're in no rush to buy. Save the website to your homepage and every now and then click on the link, you'll be surprised with the many promotions, discounts and promo codes you'll save by signing on to their newsletters. Or if you pay at normal retail price and find a promo code after which you could've used and saved. Contact customer service, most times they refund the difference to you.

    Take pack lunch to work. Prep early for evenings you can't be bothered to make lunches

    When buying online don't immediately think of Amazon. I've found eBay is a lot cheaper and provide free delivery if you're not in a rush to have the item. Pre-plan ordering if you are.

    Learn to save money. (edited)
  36. HAREHORNET's avatar
    Use up your leftovers, or freeze. You can freeze so much to use at a later date. Cook from scratch. Buy frozen vegetables if you normally have it going off in your fridge before you get around to using it, or make soup or pasta sauce with your not so fresh veg
  37. Jules67's avatar
    Lean mince from Asda is considerably cheaper fresh. The frozen is significantly dearer. Just in case that helps anyone.
    Dan_82's avatar
    Thanks for this
  38. Lpmenglish's avatar
    - lots of water companies give out things to help you save water, good if you are on a meter.

    - have a clear out and sell unwanted stuff at carboot sales.

    - check what benefits you’re entitled too. Also if you are on universal credit and on mat leave, you can claim the sure start fund of £500. Which I annoying missed out on.

    - Check local swap sites or borrow something like a pressure washer instead of buying one.

    - check out the trolley app where you can check the price of an item in every supermarket for the cheapest.
  39. jnm21's avatar
    leejay30/05/2022 13:22

    Great post Dan…i have noticed a lot of supermarkets are reducing food but n …Great post Dan…i have noticed a lot of supermarkets are reducing food but not covering the old barcode so be cautious when scanning…the cynic in me thinks this a deliberate ploy.

    Don't forget that this is great if it happens in Tesco - double the difference back!


    It is on the tesco site - click payment twice...


    PS I actually think this is lazy staff, not a ploy... Anyone else noticing that when you hunt down (say in fruit & veg) to get a better date, more & more, stock rotation is not happening? (edited)
  40. nimbu's avatar
    Depending on where you live: freecycle.org

    I had to move out all of a sudden and I have been slowly able to furnish my new flat. Also upcycling has been a great way to pass the time!
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