What car???!

    Right, knowledgeable types! I need some help (and with a car lol!)

    Basically.... due to an expanding family, I need more room in my car (specifically boot space, but a longer wheel base would be cool, too).

    I have only got about £8k to spend, I'm looking for something economical to service/repair/run, and with a bit of poke....was thinking of a C-Max, but the write ups about them are putting me off a bit....

    Don't mind if it's petrol or diesel, but want something as new as possible.

    Can anyone come up with any other suggestions? Rep added for sensible answers!! :-)


    Ford S-MAX

    Ford fusion ???? I got mine from cargiant , which get them from auctions that have motobility cars ( cars that have been owned by people with disabilities) so therefore you get a second hand car with less milage and not driven as hard as other cars . There are probaly other makes / and brands like this , but ford fusions are good for size , reliability and reasonable running costs and there were alot on car giant .
    I've had mine for 3 years and done 40 k miles and touch wood all is good .

    how about a Kia c'eed - 7 year warrenty, and if you get the 1.4 then its very economical.


    zafira vxr lol or a turbo diesel..........that or the s-max

    unless you fancy an estate

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    I'm looking at the S-Max valuations and they're looking a bit out of my price range :oops:

    Don't fancy an estate, and 1.4 won't be punch enough....I need at least 1.6...

    Please keep suggestions coming in! :thumbsup:

    Focus C-Max. After 9 years of Citroen Picasso's my wife loves the C-Max. Go for the best spec you can get, but £8k should get you one that is 2/3 years old.

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    Which has got the most interior space/boot space - the Fusion or the C-Max?

    How about a Mazda 5

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    Holy cow!!! Have you seen how many mpg's the Fusion gets?!!

    Thanks for the pretty pics Caspar ;-)



    Holy cow!!! Have you seen how many mpg's the Fusion gets?!! Thanks for … Holy cow!!! Have you seen how many mpg's the Fusion gets?!! Thanks for the pretty pics Caspar ;-)

    lol bored:-D

    id go for this

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    Caspar, that looks like a flippin' tour bus or something!!

    My sister recently bought a Merc M class as she needed more space with her recently having her 4th sprog, and these have got 7 seats. She's pretty happy with it so far

    If the s-max is out of reach, try to find a latest model Mondeo estate. The boot is huuuuuge and so is the space at the rear, makes it easy to get kids into their carseats. Probably the biggest estate on the market and because there are so many fleet cars, the second hand ones go fairly cheap.
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