What car have you ever bought sub £1000

Posted 1st Jan
So just interesting to see.

Was it trade or private,
Did it last,
What price.
Do you think it was a good purchase.

Or if not what would you do, private or trade dealership and maybe even what you would go for.
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Hillman minx £30 ,40 years ago
My current car.


bought from work as a part ex.

Renault Laguna mark 3.

hatchback. 2.0 diesel automatic
been brilliant.
57 plate.

fuel economy very poor. 25/30 mpg.
bought it Nov 2017
Sold a Hyundai Elantra for £500 .. shouldn’t have. Does that count?
Current car
2005 Mazda 2 brought for a grand dead on
1.4 petrol
80k miles when I got it 10100miles now
Nice run about
Few issues in the 10 months I’ve owned it and spend around £500 on repairs
However I still like the tin can and willl see how long I can keep it going.
£250 private 2003 Ford K.A with 45000miles on the clock for my wife which replaced a fiesta, lasted a year and a half then the whole thermostat/heating system went, wasn't bad on fuel.

Personally I think they are horrible cars(to look at and drive) but we needed one at the time and did the job at the time.
My first car,

51 plate clio
Cost me £950 and was £240 a month on insurance

It lasted about 6-8 month before the head gasket went
Bought a Fiat Uno for £550 back in the mid 90's. First Car. Private sale, cash, counted out in £10 notes on the sellers kitchen table. Lasted us for years and did 120,000 before it died. Bargain but awful to look at :-)
Bought a Renault 17 in 2004 for £300. Lasted 4 years before scrapped for £50. Hardly had a problem with it. Had others for less than a grand and always got at least 3 years out of them. No issue here with buying them.
xenophon01/01/2020 16:39

Bought a Renault 17 in 2004 for £300. Lasted 4 years before scrapped for …Bought a Renault 17 in 2004 for £300. Lasted 4 years before scrapped for £50. Hardly had a problem with it. Had others for less than a grand and always got at least 3 years out of them. No issue here with buying them.

Do you buy trade or private mostly?
Best car ever was a Nissan Micra I bought for £200 off a dealer's lot. Didn't realise till I got it home that it was the "hot" model, 1.3 litre, DOHC (chain driven, no belt) with four valves per cylinder. I ran it for five years.
Probably a bit of both. Couple times from a guy I know who does up cars and sells them cheap. Good if you know someone reputable through friends and family.
Best bargain

in 2005, £130 for a 10 year old 1.4 Ford Escort with a years test on it and a bit of tax. He'd accidentally stuck £5 of diesel in it so had knocked it down from £450. Once it had burned it off it was fine. It went through it's next MOT as well. Did over 10k in it.

Paid £200 for a Cavalier with a years test on it, Only fault was thrust bearing was sticking. Garage fixed it for about £30, Just literally hit it with an hammer and it started working as it should. Sold it for £400 after a few months driving

Had loads of bangers in early years of driving, I say bangers most were actually mechanically fine and in most cases insurance cost over twice the value of the cars.
GOLF MK3 1.6 GL, £600, still under 55k miles private
A 9 year old Rover 420 diesel bought in 2005 for around £700 and the best bargain I've ever had (of any purchase, not just cars). All I had to pay for was brakes, tyres and an exhaust back box and it never broke down or failed to start. Eventually scrapped after 3 and a half years and 30,000 miles due to corrosion.
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Back in the day I bought a few under a grand and did me well.

In 2004 I bought a J reg Vauxhall Nova SR 1.4 for £800 (headgasket went so changed that)
In 2005 I bought a G reg Renault 5 GT Turbo for £200 (had a knackered clutch hence the price)
Again in 2005 I bought a H reg Ford Fiesta XR2i for £700

Wished to god I just locked them up rather than selling them, would have been worth £15,000+ easy now
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I got a K reg Ford Sierra (92) for £100 and it was 15 years old then! It ran for about 5 more years until the headgasket and other things started going on it! I got £100 for it off webuyanycar.com!!
Apparently we’ve also had a Peugeot 306 and 307 both from auction for under a grand my dad loves car auctions but you have to be careful and have your knowledge and wits about you
I buy a sub £1,000 car every year. I bin it at the MOT expiry, and buy another.
I initially had a budget of a grand to find a Saab 9-3 turbo petrol, but I have to admit the car I eventually bought was £1600 for a 2006 Aero. The ones I saw for less than a grand were a bit 'rough' to say the least.

I tend to aim for about a grand for my cars. Always petrol, usually saloon, and always private sales. But I have another grand in reserve for the first MOT, whatever I save on the car I normally have to pay back on the first MOT. Or insurance. Or in the case of a heavily polluting 2 litre turbo Saab, the road tax!!
£1100 focus sport 1.6 55 plate 83k mileage

Purchased two years ago , spent £100 when snapped drop link passed two mots most recent last month with advisors never broke down once or even failed to start

Bought form local car seller
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My wifes car. Renault scenic 2003 diesel.115k miles when we bought it, a bit tatty but ok . Purchased three and a half years ago for £400. Passed 3 mot's with no problems ( has had new tyres and windscreen wipers ) Now has 127k miles. Still running well.
My first car 1970 VW Beetle 1500cc for £199 (was bought in 1984)
Peugeot 205 GTI for £100 plus a bottle of wine. 23k genuine miles and a months tax. Had it for about four years, and been cross at myself the minute I sold it.
A Peugeot 309 Goodwood bought for £500 as a non runner and sold on a year later for money back still as a non runner as needed money. Although I never got to drive it I would like to have been able to keep it.
A Peugeot 309 GTI auto. Paid about £300 used loads of parts off it as it was a non runner, only to discover years later it was due to a faulty ignition coil worth £20 lol! Other than that it was in pretty good shape.
Ironically I still own my first 205 GTI bought for £800. If 5% of the car is original I'd be lucky.
citroen c1 2008 bought with 115k miles on clock at £1000 for first car as it was cheapest insurance and tax and had it two years the back box did fall off on themotorway and the battery wire needs a wiggle every few months to start done almost 20k miles now i kinda like it, though am looking for a new car arround 3-4k in april maybe
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It's always shark infested waters...
Buy from a dealer you have come back..(doesn't mean the car any better, they are not)
Buy private, you don't.
(But you see WHO owned it, and likely how they looked after it...or NOT)
You need to be/have someone who GENUINELY knows the vehicle you are looking to buy.
Also depends IF you can do any repairs yourself..or can be bothered too!
Things like cam belt history..
(Timing chain history, even, now!)
(Every car I ever bought cost less than £1k, now have 30 odd years of motoring(time flies!!)
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