What car service do I need at 2 years/20k miles?

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Found 9th Aug 2016
Is anyone able to confirm what service I need when my car is 2 years old/20k miles? I have a leased car that is going back in a months time so don't went to get stung by them. Is it an Interim or Major service I will need? I have tried looking in the Owners Manual bt it doesn't say. Car is a Vauxhall if it matters.



It must say in the manual. I'm pretty sure Vauxhall would put that information in. It'll depend on the model.

I'd get a full service

Bit late to worry about it.... If you've missed services that it should have already had then you'll get stung regardless.

'Its a vauxhall' doesn't exactly help much. Servicing depends mainly on the engine, some need more regu;ar services than others. Have you not had a service light come up on the dash during your ownership?

What actually is the car? requirements for a corsa 1.0 petrol vs vectra 1.9diesel vs ampera hybrid are all different.

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1.3 CDTi Corsa, it had an interim service at 1 year old/10k miles. I'm just looking to spend as little on the car as possible before it goes back but at the same time don't want to give them reason to charge me for anything.

it'll probably be a 'full' service, not an interim but not a major service either.

What does the service book say it's due for.

Whats the reg i can tell you exactly what it gets from auto data

The service book doesn't tell you anything useful these days.
I think its the full service. Oil+filter/air filter/pollen filter/fuel filter. Possibly brake fluid as well. I assume that at 10K it was just oil+filter and air filter?

Will you actually have hit 20K and 2 yrs? Might be worth talking to the lease firm and checking what their requirements are. I know someone who regularly hands back at 2 yrs and never has the 2 yr service done - not vx though.

Why don't you call the lease company?
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