What case do you use for the San Francisco

    Did a search on here could find anything about cases.

    What case do you have, any pics, prices and links would be grateful too.


    look in the deals section. I remember in one of the OSF deals that the OP put a helpful description of what accs you could use for the screen protector and case as alternatives that fitted the OSF.

    Cant remember the thread, I imagine it would be expired by now but should still be able to find it using advanced search. I'm sure the deal was posted in the last 2 or 3 weeks.

    Jelly case off ebay for about £5 comes with screen protector and screen cleaner too

    Was also looking for something along the same lines

    I brought this for mine and quite happy with it…uct

    OP, I have a clear one of these which I dont need, if you are interested I can list it obviously


    I brought this for mine and quite happy with … I brought this for mine and quite happy with it[][/url]

    Eh what's the point getting cases that don't fit when you can get a proper one !

    Ebay Item number: 270721076723
    Item number: 190512160110
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