what cd player will fit my escort?

    Hi i have just bought a 1.6 escort,its 1998 and i want to put a cd player in it,i was wondering which one would fit it as its still got the old cassete player in and that seems to be twice as fat as a normal cd player

    any ideas?thanks


    its called double din or double ISO you can either buy an adaptor that turns the slot into a normal one plus adds a cubbyhole or you can buy double ISO cd player. the adaptor is the easiest, you can pick one up for about a tenner

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    thanks where can i buy these from?anywhereonline?

    id go to halford they have ok cd players and they can fit allso i had mine supplied and fitted for £95

    your local halfords will sell the adaptor, or sparesworld or pretty much any motor factor. as for online fleabay will definitely have them

    this is the sort of thing you're looking for

    ebay item 250302082310

    you need that adapter which makes the big slot into a small one. then you can fit a aftermarket one on.

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    would i also need the right cable/plug to gointo the new cd player

    that depends on the car, some have the standard ISO connection others have their own. if its fords own then you could either cut the plugs off and use cable connectors to join onto the wires that come with the new player or you can buy an adaptor to convert the custom to standard. your best bet is to look at the plugs in the car and see if they match the player, same goes for the aerial there are two main standards and there are adaptors available if yours are a mismatch
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