what channel is cotto vs yuri on?

    as above

    hopefully cotto gets his career back on track and beats yuri.


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    I hope this gets posted. Struggling to post off my blackberry.

    Fight is not being aired in the UK. Sky, espn, primetime and etc did not pick up the rights so you will have to either stream or download. I'm going to download it incase its a let down.

    It should be a good fight. I want cotto to win but foreman is a good fighter and has the reach and height advantage! I hope cotto becomes a 3 weight champ.


    Cotto should win this easy.

    Apart from size, Cotto is 10 times the fighter Foreman is. Foreman is an excellent example of the definition "Paper Champion".

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    ahhh that sucks, internet stream it is.

    where do you watch the streams from ?
    i watch from here :…tml
    are there any better free ones i should try please ?
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