what clothes from republic are chavvy and which arent?

Found 7th Dec 2010
Wanting to buy a few of my friends kids clothes this year and apparently they like some of the clothes in republic
Wondered which were classed as chavvy and which arent.
Makes i can see are soul cal,,,which to me look chavvy but I'm old
crafted, bench, fenchurch and henleys and g star but that seems a bit too expensive to me.
Would appreciate a younger persons view..thanks
The boys i am buying for are around 15 years old and dont want to be chavs.

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If your a chav please let me know before saying which you like...lol

this aint a deal :P

I'm not a chav but I don't think any of these brands are particularly chavvy, although soe of the lines may be, Bench can verge on the chavvy sometimes, G Star definately not chavvy nor is Soul Cal or Crafted but again some Henleys stuff can be on the verge, mainly jackets, as with bench but what you need to look out for more is the nike's and adidas', predominantly tracksuits.

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sorry thought i had put it in misc...apologies....not sure how to move it,,,,

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Thanks MikeyBFC

Henleys = Chav

G-Star jeans or G-star "deep V" neck t-shirts are the hight of chavviness.

I have a few sould cal things, but they have to be carefully chosen to keep out of the realms of chavviness i.e plain jumpers and t-shirts are ok.

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Thanks it seems there is differing opinion on this....wish i could just put money in an envelope.

Vouchers..... if they wanna look like chavs, let them look like chavs.

just keep away from henleys !! g star jeans are more trendy than chavvy soul cal is just utter cheap crap !!!

bench is fine, the rest............ chavtastic

bench, henleys and g star are all chavvy imo.

SoulCal are just fine for any group as long as they have a tiny pocket logo or none,they wash well and are just warm plain hoodys .My sons are certainly not chavs and i always get them a couple of the plain hoodys for winter .Good deal too at £35 for two.

So basically, if teenagers wear it and it has a lable, it's chavvy? LOL

Why don't you just go to the shop and if you see something you like, you buy it.

If they don't like it they can return in.

This whole chav thing is an absolute joke.

Get them outdoor clothing:
Lowe Alpine
North Face

Good brands, good quality, not chavvy.

The brand I see chavs in the most now, around Manchester anyway, is Schott.
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Even the chavs have abandoned Bench round here.

G star is fine depending on what you choose although quite a lot of fake g star has been floating about from what ive seen.
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