what colour is the water damage indicator on the battery of an LG G4 phone (battery) normally?

Found 26th Feb 2016
My phone and battery got wet, and need to send it in for repair, but i have two batteries i tried both in phone after drying out and can't remember which one was in the phone. one has white spot one has black. so if anyone with a LG G4 which has not been swimming please look to see what colour your spot on top of the battery is. TIA
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the one with black means its water damaged
but usually red means water damage
thanks Android dragons, thanks that seems reasonable, the indicator on the phone turned white so i was get not sure.

thanks for the link Poppyj1 but it was the battery one i needed.
I think you will find that your airtime supplier or LG will not ask you to send the battery in. I have just had an issue with my G4, the famous boot loop which bricks the phone. Contacted Virgin and they requested for me to send the phone in without battery, back cover, sim, memory card or charger. I wasn't happy with what Virgin told me. They first said they were unable to repair my phone and when pushed they said they hadn't tried to repair my phone as it wasn't their policy to do so. Under their terms and conditions they send you an 'as new' phone. Unfortunately they had no G4's in stock and I declined their offer of an S6 32gb. I said it wasn't the same screen size and said they would need to send me an S6+ if I was to consider a Samsung. You can guess they had no stock of that either.

Whilst this was going on I asked LG for help. Bear in mind that your contract is with the seller of the phone and not the manufacturer and wasn't expecting too much help from LG. However I was wrong. They said that they would arrange for a courier to collect my phone and I was to send it in without the back cover, battery etc etc. The only problem is now I need to get my phone back from Virgin and looks like they are ignoring my email or trying to find which bin they have thrown my phone in !! It would be extremely embarrassing if LG use the same repair centre as Virgin but I could at least expect the manufacturer to provide me with a replacement identical phone which Virgin are unable to do at this stage.

Good luck in getting your phone repaired but they will know its got wet even if you replace the water detector slips. I have found out quite a bit this week regarding warranty on phones. If you abuse it don't expect for it still be in warranty. Scratches, dents etc etc could all be deemed as damage and take the phone out of warranty so it makes good sense to look after your phone although I do appreciate accidents happen.
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