What colour sofa/wall/curtains would go with brown carpet and dinning table?

Posted 19th May 2017

I asking this question here as I am sure there are good interior designers or even people that are good at spotting a good living/dinning room design.

We currently have a brown carpet and a brown dinning table as well as cream colour wall paper. We would like to buy a new sofa and kind of redecorate it as the sofa we currently have is getting really old and it is a maroon colour. We were thinking of maybe putting a small fluffy carpet on top of the carpet that we currently have so it would match the sofa and the curtains. What would you suggest would suit the brown carpet. It also has a cream design on it ( Little spots). Don't want to make the room look small. Was thinking of Grey or Black but not really sure.

I was think of grey and purple cushions, vases and all ? Would it go well with brown carpet? and then get a purple curtain ?

Thank you for all in advance
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