What comes to mind when you think of "freedom"

    I have been asked to paint an external building and the interior of what will be the club venue for DJs over the weekend for festival.

    Did trying to get some ideas of what comes to mind when you think of "freedom"

    Oh and please dont say "wham" or "george michael" lol


    Divorce :w00t:

    Edit - seriously for some reason I thought doves even though they symbolise peace

    How good an artist are you - the Freedom Tower in NY

    Queensland, Australia for me

    nelson mandela

    birds, eagles. any flying thing

    that reminds me of freedom

    the word freedom makes me think or pastel colours, outside and countryside/deserted areas....ohhh and birds

    Anything that makes you happy and not worry...... being able to be yourself without caring what anyone else thinks.

    braveheart lol


    braveheart lol

    that film makes me cry every time

    winston churchill :whistling:

    a solitary whale swimming at the bottom of the ocean

    a newborn baby


    the vastness of the universe


    Divorce :w00t:


    How about Berlin Wall coming down.


    I guess anyone who's ever gone that extra mile to liberate minorities is the first thing I think of

    Original Poster

    Cheers people..really helped alot

    Just wanted a few ideas

    What about a prison. With an arm grasping for freedom.

    A night without the kids :)lol



    berlin wall coming down,mandela release something like that


    nice cup of tea


    Protests in the streets

    A person on a soapbox

    Going to be different for everyone but this comes to mind for me first:


    going out not wearing any underpants :whistling:

    blue skies & green fields.

    freedom = when the mods are sleeping ;-)

    Tall trees
    Island life with clear blue seas

    For me...the image I picture of freedom. is watching doves released into a beautiful sunset whilst being with the people you love.....

    Either that or running away from the people you love. :giggle:

    no such thing


    Going to be different for everyone but this comes to mind for me … Going to be different for everyone but this comes to mind for me first:John

    nice pic... yes motorbike must have a major freedom factor, I've never been on one.

    also this pic from shawshank redemption...

    berling wall coming down

    Also, another thought of freedom is picturing the perfect holiday....sitting on a balcony with a sea view, while drinking with your loved ones...then rushing to the sea and playing around.
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