What company does this....

    I bought some pastries, and some excellent mixed Olive salads, mixed olive and garlic salad - delicious from a show at the NEC and I noticed they have been at a few shows, however I dont know the company name and want to see if they do mail order..

    I have tried to find a mailorder company that do those large olives stuffed with a garlic clove and also they did a roasted garlic in olive oil and it was wonderful..

    just cannot remember who the company is, any ideas ???


    For every show like this places like the NEC should be able to provide a list of all the companies that attended (nothing to hurt by asking)
    ....'show' programmes will often have a floor plan listing companies & locations within the venue too.

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    Thanks for the reply, I've tried to search the exhibitor list but couldnt find them listed, in fact I've tried a couple of upcoming show lists but nothing on there. I've emailed their events department...

    sad I know but they did amazing garlic closes in olive oil you could eat just like olives - amazing...and I havent found them anywhere else, and when I found olive stuffed with garlic they havent been as nice...they were quite expensive but lovely...most of the deli's I've been too have theirs in brine and the taste isnt the same


    is it greggs?

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    thanks but not this was more of a deli and I remember they did selections of different speciality breads, olive salads, bowls of sundried tomotoes all in olive oil...the sort of specialty foods and extras you find in a deli - I think they even did Huge belgian buns

    at the boat and caravan show they had stacks of stands actually in the event halls, rather than as restuarants or outside

    This is a company local to us..don't know if it's of any use - personally i can't stand the things, but i understand that these are very good...

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    Thanks jelli89 I'll check it out....

    before I tried the ones from this seller at the NEC event, I didnt like olives, but what I really after is the Garlic in olive oil - those were lovely...I'd try and re-create them but I dont know if they were roasted before soaking in olive oil.

    any ideas on this... do you roast garlic, peel and then soak in olive oil?

    Most of the event food agents at the NEC are resident there for a set period, like 6 months or a year. They will have the contract but I think you will have a better chance going through ]TNT Showfreight (Tel 0121 782 8888) or ]Melville Exhibition Services (Tel 0121 780 3025) rather than the NEC. Give them the exhibition and dates and a location if you can and they will know who it was/is. :thumbsup:

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    I finally found out what company...thanks for the thoughts as after contacting the NEC and not getting anywhere I managed to find an old exhibitor list and found them listed...

    I can wholly recommend their olives stuffed with garlis and their sweet garlic salads!!


    [hi admin could you lock this as I've answered my original question]
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