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    Can anyone help? I would like to buy my father, who is a pensioner, a games console. He only plays solitaire on my desktop. I feel buying a desktop/laptop just for solitaire would just be a waste. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could buy, he is not very computer literate?



    Not sure you want to buy your father some games or computers. There are some rally nice game deals on deals right now?

    I think the best gift you can give him is to spend an hour or so and teach him a bit or a bite about computers

    A DS with the 42 all time classics game?

    DS would be perfect for him with Brain Training.

    DS all day long

    Totally agree that a DS would be perfect. Loads of card games and stuff in the 42 in one classics and the old folks love a bit of brain training

    a 9.98 xbox.

    My Mother-in-law ( also a pensioner) loves plaing on my Ds - she's quite addicted to bust-a-move. Think your dad will love one.

    DS brain training

    pack of playing cards :thumbsup:

    Can't you get in shops like Woolies, hand held electronic games like sudoku, solitaire, etc? Or one of those £10 things that has a load of games on?
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