Posted 2nd Nov 2021
My parents are old fashioned and still just have a regular electricity meter that they read quarterly and submit to British gas, no smart meter. For the last few years their usage has been a very consistent 650-700kWh per 3 months, they're not particularly high users.

Being older they also don't regularly go online to check their bills and direct debits, they just go out, but tonight my mum said she noticed the usage for June to August was ~1500kWh, over double the usual. I double checked the readings and the value now and it was correct, the meter did go up by 1500 in those three months. Don't know why/how she didn't notice the big jump when giving the reading, but anyway.

In the three months since, ie August to now, it has returned back to the usual usage, 680kWh.

Naturally I've told them to get a smart meter ASAP but I'm still puzzled as to what kind of device could use such a huge amount, that they don't remember? Could the old style meter have simply gone on the fritz? Or did something really drain an extra ~800kWh? Surely that amount would have to be over several weeks, wouldn't it? But they can't think of anything. A pretty normal 3 months of usage like always.

They're phoning British Gas tomorrow but I doubt they'll have any insight.
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