What could i give the Man Of The Match as an incentive for the team?

Found 18th Sep 2008
I coach a Sunday League Under 15's Football Team and have a small trophy that the Man of the Match gets given and they then return it the next week.
However i don't think that any of them are trying hard enough to win the Man Of Match though so looking for additional options.

I was thinking of giving them the trophy with £5 but working it out it would leave me out of pocket at the end of the season lol.

Is there anything else i could give them to make each of the team try harder and want to get man of the match?

Thanks, all replies appreciated.
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Do you have a sponsor?
You could ask the sponsor to provide a sum of money so whoever tallies the most man of the matches at the end of the season (in your opinion) wins the money!
Put the motm's name in hat and every month pick out one name from that months motm's, give that winer £5 and then put their name in another hat to win £25 at the end of the season
Buy them beers
Phone credit? under 15's will always need that.
Let the MOTM be the captain for the following match
Just say to them whoever gets the most MOTM awards at the end of the season gets any pair of boots under £50.

That would make them work hard.
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Let the MOTM be the captain for the following match

i really like that idea,

i personally wouldn't give something out each week... too expensive and assuming you have an awards ceremony each year it'll make that awards ceremony less important.. if you don't do an awards ceremony it might be nice to do one, so you can involve the parents in to something and possibly raise money... my old boxing club would get money from drinks sales and ticket sales.
my son plays for under 14's and their man of the match is captain for the next game. Gives them a boost

Gives them a boost

That's a good idea, give them a boost

Give 'em that weeks edition of FHM or Nuts or Playboy
We have a large trophy that does the rounds and I designed a certificate for our players which I print out on photo paper.
The week after they win they are presented with the certificate in front of the squad making them very happy!!
Can remember when I played, sometimes I used to get pulled off at half time
thanks for all the replies. There are some good ideas there. Might do the captain one and the money option is something to keep in mind.

Thanks to all replies.
tell them to buck up their ideas or they are out the door, that will prove their dedication
How about a premiership football shirt of their choice if they get MOTM 3 times :-D
dont do the captain thing because you need your captain to control the team and it should be one person every week, helps strenghthen the team
if u do a thinkg of most motm per season..half way thru there will clearly be players that just arent gonna get that.....so u will have some disheartened players...

the captain idea is good...or u could do it that person gets to sit out one trainig excerise.... basically gets an easier ride during training? or doesnt have to mucj on with putting all the equipemnnt away?

Can remember when I played, sometimes I used to get pulled off at half … Can remember when I played, sometimes I used to get pulled off at half time

If he did that I think he'd be coaching the local prison team in no time
I agree with the previous poster. You should only have one captain... especially from about U11 upwards. It's the captains job to speak to the ref and sort out any problems on the pitch (within reason). This can take a lot of confidence for the lads to carry out these duties so you need to work on just one or two players.
Just my view of course.
You're a football manager...it's your job to be out of pocket!
I've spent hundreds on our lads this year....bless their little cottons...
To be honest they should want to win without an incentive.

If they need an incentive to make them try harder in a football match they shouldn't be playing football at all.
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