what courier does sony use?

    im waiting for a replacment ps3 and im just wondering what service do playstaion uk use



    parcelforce i think bud. had mine replaced a while back and im sure it was parcelforce 48.

    sony were brill when it came to replacing it, was suprised actually.

    I think it's DPD (formerly known as Parceline). Well it was a few months ago anyway.

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    yeah heard some rumours saying it was dpd and others saying parcelforce

    They use DPD.

    Pretty sure they use dpd now although when i had my PS3 replaced about a year ago they used parcelforce.

    andileeds, you pay for your PS3 to be replaced? YLOD?

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    andileeds, you pay for your PS3 to be replaced? YLOD?…cam

    i did this mate i know he is only making a phone call but i tried 4 times and they wernt having any of it
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