What credit card????

    Been looking for a few days to BT my cc (overspent at chrimbo) but dont know where to start as I have never done this before, al seems way to confusing for me, any input would be greatly appreciated.


    I strongly recommend MSE. They have loads of info on Credit Cards.

    Sorry, here's a link:-

    i find ]http//ww…com good for comparing credit cards.
    Just applied for a halifax card through them - 0% for 12 months on balance transfers and Purchases.

    &More - 3.9% for life of transfer (with no transfer fee - be aware of transfer fees with other companies), also 0% on all purchases for 12 months. [url][/url] :thumbsup:

    Moneysupermarket good for comparisons :-D

    Recently changed to GE Money, 0% on purchases and balance transfers for a year. Most of the card issuers are now charging a fee to transfer your balance, GE Money charged 2%. It was worth paying as in the long run saving a lot more.…518,

    see above for list of credit cards that do 0% balance transfers without a fee:thumbsup:

    I went for Norwich and Peterborough with my 2.5k balance transfer- 6 months 0%
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