What credit card companies have lounges at airports still?

    I used to have a Diners Club card which gave me access to their pre-flight lounge, I think at Heathrow. Do they still have this, or is there any other CC company who provide these? And whats the situation at Gatwick, is it similar, as I tend to fly from their more. Not that I fly a lot.


    on a similar topic - if you have a barclays premiere account pay 25 /month you get lots of extra benifits - one of which is access for you and a partner to airport loungues upto 6 times / year - not good if you are a frequent user , but ok for a general 2/3 holidays / year - we traveled to far east with this and it was great to get access to sometimes the premiere airport loungues with free food / drink massage seats etc - especially as we were doing air asia flights which had no food !

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    Is that Premier as in Premier league?


    Is that Premier as in Premier league?

    Barclays Premier Life...

    They also provide boiler cover, home emergency, card protection, 1k interest free OD, shares dealing account with no annual fees, airport lounges ( i think limited to 3 visits per year) and a few more... But these are the ones I use...

    yep - have used airport loungue plus the gadget insurance for my broken laptop and when the heating went off we used the homecare service - they came out that day , fixed it etc - its great

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    Ok thats more of a bank account than a credit card, looking to switch credit card to one with Airport lounge access.
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