What Defines a Scam E-commerce Site?

Found 26th Nov 2017
Hello all,

I just seen a deal posted for a Nintendo switch w/Mario & Zelda for £189. It was immediately ripped with being a scam and has since disappeared from hukd.

So my question is how do you as a consumer identify a scam site and how can you tell that pro-games.co.uk is a scam site?!

Happy to be educated
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deleted159734426th Nov 2017


Excellent website. I initially did a Whois search to check out the site but this is very handy. Still, every site starts somewhere, so taking the fact that it's a newly registered domain out of the question, how else would you identify a scam site?
No address details.
No phone number.
Not a secure site (HTTPS/padlock).
Whilst every company and website created at some point will have to be new, so by being a new website this its self is not enough to prove it’s a scam.

Look for other things including where it is hosted, and any other websites being hosted on the same server.

Other indications could be:

- Spelling mistakes
- Dead links (some redirect to localhost)
- Privacy Policy & T&C’s (don’t exist)
- Returns?
- Only Payment option is direct to the site.
- About us page says they have been trading for 5 years lol.
- I haven’t checked as on phone, but no initial indication this is transmitting data over HTTPS
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