Posted 8th Jan 2021
Hey all, i'm in need of a dehumidifier but there are lots of options and I just don't know what one is best, would love to get some of your thoughts on brands/sizes etc.

I've got a 5 bed house that is really quite wet, 2 leaky roofs that have hopefully been fixed but this does mean we have some damp walls and mould in places.

The way the house is set out with an extension I think I will need to use a dehumidifier in the room to dry it out rather than set it up permanently in a central location which maybe means a smaller one would be ok..?

Options i'm considering, any thoughts on the below models would be really appreciated:
Meaco 12L Low Energy Platinum Dehumidifier - Free 3 Year Warranty - £169.95
+157 Watts
+ HEPA filter and air purifier
+Running cost will be about 64p per day
+3 yr warrenty
- Only 12L/day capacity
- House is cold currently and won't be as efficient

electriQ 20 litre Dehumidifier with Humidistat - £149.98
+20ltr capacity/day
+ cheap
- 1 year warranty
- Running cost £1.55 per day
- Apparently appliance direct has bad customer service
- House is cold currently and won't be as efficient

Swan 20 Litre Dehumidifier - ~ £126 with code
+20ltr capacity/day
+ cheap
- It's from Swan and not sure about reliability
- User manual has error on the site so unable to determine power consumption.

Sorry for the long post, again any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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