What did you do on New Years Eve?

    I stayed in babysitting?....
    But I have got a husband & son both on their best behaviour today because they misbehaved under the influence of alcohol last night! I love it when they are grovelling!



    I stayed in to with the Mrs E & kids.

    I did however make sure that we both saw the new year in together, in a very special way.
    But i aint tellin you lot all the gory details, you got imaginations!




    Oi...hmmm...couldn't tell you :oops: I'm guessing it involved alcohol though...

    Nah I wasn't that bad! Our block of flats had a party in the courtyard so it was nice way to spend NYE instead of paying crazy prices in a club somewhere!

    Mmmm Close

    It did involve copious amounts of alcohol. :lol:



    5.30am Start New Years Day

    Good evening in with friends which involved a lot of booze 4.00am finishing time, 8.00am my 3yro decides to wake up and sing at the top of her voice ouch :!: :!:

    Stood in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna drinking vodka and watching the "show" & fireworks!

    stayed in! in a rugby hotel with my gorgeous bf

    Stayed in round my boyfriends family's

    Played cards - went round with £22 come home with £39 and got drunk on their wine!!!!

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