what did you want to do for a job when you were young and what are you now??

    did you follow your dreams??

    i wanted to be a photographer and ended up a joiner!


    I wanted to be a I'm a nurse!

    i wanted to be a pilot i ended up a gastroenterologist
    so not to bad

    before i started my own business i worked in mental health.

    when i was a little girl i wanted to be a vet.

    my first job was cooking in bhs when i was 15 on saturdays!

    .....not that i was 15 just on saturdays... oh wth its late lol

    i wanted to be a footballer, now im a bum!

    worked in a supermarket, then behind a bar in a pub and now im a self employed web designer; dream job!!!!!

    this has been posted before by borolad me thinks.

    I want to be a csi now im stiudying to be heamotologist

    I wanted to be a ballet dancer, ice skater or work in a chip shop.

    My gig-cal in careers class said I should be a make up artist, tree surgeon or prison governor

    And I ended up as an It/Media technician and part time lecturer as a first job

    I wanted to be in the police force.. did it, but now working in another field.

    Wanted to be a fighter pilot ended up doing technical support on telecomms

    When I was young I wanted to work for Satan and suck the life from peoples souls - I now work in media advertising.

    Living the dream :evil:

    I wanted to be a Policeman and still do!

    Im currently an IT engineer for Blackberries & 3G cards!

    a vet, now im a student :w00t:

    i wanted to be in the police and i was for 5 years, now im a full time mum training as an accountant

    i wanted to be a nanny and now im a supply creche worker - near enuf

    I wanted to be a doctor when I was little, now I'm a wedding photographer

    Wanted to be a vet....

    Now I work in PC World!

    wanted to be in the FBI

    now I'm...........:whistling:

    I wanted to find dupes for a living.....

    I completed my ambition...…we/

    I wanted to join the Army but I turned out to be a pipefitter welder.

    wanted to be a rugby player ended up a lawyer


    I wanted to be in the police force.. did it, but now working in another … I wanted to be in the police force.. did it, but now working in another field.

    Are you a Scarecrow now then:)

    I wanted to be a teacher but now im a stay @ home mummy


    Are you a Scarecrow now then:)

    lol very good!
    though looking at my hair today you wouldnt be far wrong!

    I wanted to be a Traffic Cop and still do. Ended up being a Travel Agent, now a stay at home mummy.


    Burgular - Saw the bill when i was 6 and they got everything for free

    Now im a student in IT

    wanted to be happy and now i am being a stay at home mummy, have truly found my calling in life

    wanted to join the army (but @ 15 parents needed to sign papers, they still regret it to this day ha) trained as a chef and worked in that field for years. Doing a law degree now though and just thinking of starting a party catering business up.

    First job was at Mars, and wanted to be a marine Biologist or oceanogarpher but nowi am a games producer instead.

    wanted to be a fireman and ...........................hey presto i am a fire fighter, wouldnt change it for the world

    wanted to work in lidls and now i do lol nar wanted to be a wrestler

    I wanted to be asked stupid questions every 2 minutes and have people think they're superior than me, So i'm living the dream @ ASDA "Pocket Tap"

    i wanted to be a pilot...but now im still at school

    I either wanted to write and direct films, or be on the booking comitee for a wrestling company

    But now I'm dead inside

    Wanted to be a Zoo Keeper or Police Dog Handler - did the Zoo Keeping but now an IT Manager yawn

    Also wanted to be a Police Dog Handler but now i'm a web and wapsite developer..............

    Wanted to be be a pilot or a chef, i'm now neither and not fully sure what I am :lol: my job title changes daily, and with my mood

    Wanted to be a librarian - now I am a ward sister slogging for the nhs!
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