What did your last text say?

    Just seen this on a different forum...may be good to try?


    was at 5.37am and said, not quite, pick me up from home please, i'm on the bog

    thats incoming btw

    It was my sisters, I was being naughty :-P x

    Mine was
    'Oh ok then lol xx'

    As I said someone can't come over to mine haha

    You already know what I want x


    It was my sisters, I was being naughty :-P x

    that sounds disturbing :w00t:

    Cashing up!

    'where are those socks?'

    from my brother.

    Capello just called. Bad news I'm afraid. The choice for 5th striker is between my nan and Emile Heskey

    Wot's for T?

    daughter half an hour ago

    wanna come over tonight?

    from some girl i met last week, god knows why she has my real number :-D

    Morrisons phone number.....BORING !!

    "chinese tonight for dinner. x" from my girl

    *update* best gig I've ever been to. How are you?

    mine said - xxxxx xxxxxxx, born at 3.56am 9lb. Mother and baby both doing fine x

    Meet red squirrel at the station and swap the briefcase.


    mine said - xxxxx xxxxxxx, born at 3.56am 9lb. Mother and baby both doing … mine said - xxxxx xxxxxxx, born at 3.56am 9lb. Mother and baby both doing fine x

    aaaaah, thats lovely. Not sure about the name though :giggle:

    02 Voicemail. You have one 1 new message, call 901 to retrieve.

    mines was from the mother of my son's friend, cancelling her son coming to mines today cause her boy has bad asthma

    Wish I had something more exciting to put!

    be home in a mo to change be back 2morrow being picked up 2morrow at 12 for hol
    that was from my son he went out yesterday morning an is going on hol 2morrow guess im packing for him

    "Ohhh sorry ! I did text your landline ! Thank you and see you on friday x"

    mine was to the bf ^_^

    text killed the radio star

    where r u hun?

    I was picking my neighbour up from the airport.

    Mine was from my sad 15 yr old Niece on Sunday from her hols in spain, 'Who won Eurovision?'

    "god... last night you were superb, never been that far before !"


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    or my last text from a human was from my mate:

    Congratulations from ! You have won the weight of your brain in sweets. To claim your Tic-Tac, please go to

    Not really, no

    That was my bro replying to my question "Are you getting anything for our parents anniversary on Tues?"


    "turn it down its to loud the tv"


    "got that fiver on me, shall i get chips from chinese when done xxx.

    "are the boys helping?"

    From Michelleleemoo

    Hi Dan, I dont understand the revision questions of the Parallel clustering like the first question "Critically asses the operation, architecture and design objectives of modern parallel clusters and how a parallel clusters differs from a normal system" Can you help me out.

    Mine was:

    Hello Gorj, what time are you picking me up, cant wait for drinkiepoo's with my girlys.
    Mwah. xxxxx


    When i tell the police what you did to me last night you wont be laughing then hun will you xx

    Dirty prick

    weights or cardio tomorrow?

    Why didnt you leave it in to soak longer?

    "you was norty lst nite but very nice indeed "


    "how goes it man from the south?"

    chick I met in birmingham


    Happy New Millenium

    no-one i know really used texts!

    " "

    From a mate. Personal reasons.

    "Get off your ass and make your own sandwich"

    I have such a kind loving mother.

    Microwave for sale.

    The kids put our pet rooster in it, now everything tastes of cock.

    Thought you might be interested?
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