What difference do HDMI leads make?

    Can anyone give me some insight into HDMI leads - firstly for the Xbox 360 - does it make a noticable diff to the quality of the picture and which one is the best Microsoft or for instance Gameware?

    Which make of HDMI leads are recommended for HD TVs?



    Use can use any hdmi lead for the xbox 360 it doesn't need to be a official one or a special xbox one. I have a £60 vanderhul hdmi lead and cannot tell the difference between this and a cheap £10 lead i use it with sky hd on a 50in samsung plasma.

    Hi...speaking from my own experience and not from a tecky view I would say that if you have a blu-ray player and a 1080p capable tv then the cable will definately make a will need to find a 1080p capable cable that almost certainly will have gold plated connectors and will probably be £40 plus... if you have a tv or player that doesnt do 1080p signals then I agree the cable wont make much diffrence..hope this helps..

    I use HD cables and a switch box (all from eBuyer) to hook up my Xbox 360 and my PC to my 26" TV. I don't know about more expensive cables, but I do know that there is a noticable difference between HDMI and the component (Xbox) and VGA (PC) setups. HDMI is so much better, I had to get the switch box because once I saw the difference there was no going back. I highly recommend giving HDMI a go, especially with the 360 if you have the newer premium / elite - its like playing a different machine.

    HDMI is a digital connection. i.e. 1 or 0 and nothing in between. Get a cable thats rated for what you want (iirc, 1.3 is fine for 1080p) and the lenght you need and thats it. Over and above that, you're paying for 'trinkets and baubles'. You can get a perfectly servicable cable for a few quid (I paid £8 for mine, purely because I wanted blue connectors on the end. Don't ask). Anyone who pays £60 for an HDMI lead has far too much disposable income.
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