What do CEX class as bulk selling? And what discounted price do they give as a result?

Posted 15th Aug 2012

I know a lot of people on HUKD often bulk buy and resell to CEX. Its common knowledge. I've never personally done it, but I see people on HUKD doing it all of the time.

For those that have done it, how many items do CEX class a bulk selling? And as a result, what discounted price do they offer? is it say 90%, 80% or whatever. How does it work?

I'm not looking to bulk buy from retailers and sell on to CEX. It's more hassle than its worth (In my opinion) however, my work have a number of old mobile phones they used to issue to staff as company phones (in the region of 50+) which they would like to get rid of. CEX are offering the best recycling price. The phones are not new, more like the old nokias and fetch about 10 quid each. So what prices would they give? And how do you suggest working around it?

For example, could we just take 5 in per store per weeks or something and not be subject to bulk pricing. Would they even take 50 in? And what price would they give as a result? Could do some instore, some online etc.

Any advice? Anyone 'in the know' or work at CEX?

Thank you
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