What do I cook with 2 small pieces of ox tail? and how do I do it?

Got some cheap meat at my local Morrisons like ox tail and also pig kidney, so decided to live healtily for the next few days and live off it.

But I have never used ox tail before and only have 2 small pieces so not sure what to make with it, I assume some kind of stew but dont want to waste loads of electric having cooker on for hours.

I also got some more meat but managed to get it into the freezer so may ask for some more recipies then!


How about a soup?
Recipe I use - uktv.co.uk/foo…062

go to the corner of your kitchen, get on all 4s and gnaw on the Oxtail while swinging head rleft to right violently

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Anyone know of any quick recipies? dont want to buy loads of veg I dont need or spend overight making it for 2 small pieces
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